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Favourite Friday: August 27 edition – Big Bangs and Things That Sparkle

August 27, 2010

Jo: I met Angela in grade 10. Eleven? Who knows. A looong time ago. All I know is that we loved to go to dances and she had the most legendary bangs, back when it was important to have larger than life bangs. Bangs that put Joan Cusack to shame.

I never quite managed to get the height or the stiffness she achieved. It was truly a wonder of the natural world. This hair required such dedication and upkeep (as only a girl in high school can manage), endless amounts of teasing and a can of Final Net every three days. Awesome.

But this is not the point. This is Favourite Friday, after all. And Angela’s bangs, no matter how fabulous they were in 1990, are not my favourite thing today. Well, OK, maybe just a little bit.

My REAL favourite thing this week is Angela’s jewellery, Jewelz by Angie!

After toiling away for many years in the food and beverage industry, Angela is now making the most fabulous jewelry. What started as something she did in her spare time because she could never find in real life what was alive and sparkling in her head, is now her job. I love this. Following your passion and doing what you love.

But I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, I will now share with you a few of my favourite things today, which do not include raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens

This seems to be a fan favourite, and the piece that made me realize that Angie’s bringing something new to the scene. The orchid:

But it was the Bloom series that really turned my head. I MUST have this:

I also enjoy this set, “all that glitters”:

And who wouldn’t want to wear something called a “goddess cuff”?

And these earrings are a more basic design, but there is NOTHING ordinary about these beads:

Sigh … I love jewelery.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I’ve never been into expensive jewelery. I love the uniqueness of handmade pieces by local artists. This could possibly be one of those lies we tell ourselves. I can’t afford diamonds, so I tell myself I “like these things better.” But whether I am in denial or not, I do adore things that sparkle, whether they cost $2,500 or $25.

Like any artist, Angie gets her inspiration at odd times, and from many places, including vintage costume jewelry and the actual shopping for beads. She scours the world for unique beads that she has never seen used by anyone else, and uses them in unique designs … Lucky for us!

When I asked her about her favourite thing about making jewelry, she replied, “I get a rush from every new piece that I create.”

Funny, I get a rush from every new piece of clothing or jewelry that I buy!

And what about Angie, what’s her favourite piece? These fab Zebra Cluster Earrings, one of her top sellers:

Delicious. She designed them on a whim, and she says, “they have sort of become my signature piece.”

Angela lives in Fredericton, where she sells some of her designs at a local shop. But never fear, check her designs out on Facebook – find your favourite thing, and she will ship it to you!

And now, what would Favourite Friday be without a Crappy Pop Video?? I feel honoured and privileged to be allowed to make this week’s selection. The pressure is intense. I need to live up to Ally’s cheesiness – and L-A’s disgust. AND, I feel like it should also honour Angie, the ‘90s and her bangs. This should just about do the trick:


Billy Ocean, Get Out of My Dreams and Into my car

Cheap Trick, The Flame

Young MC:


Paula Abdul:

Milli Vanilli, Blame it on the Rain



Janet Jackson, Escapade

Vanilla Ice, Ice, Ice Baby

Deee-Lite, Groove is in the Heart


Mariah Carey, Emotions

L-A: Sweet Jesus in a Breadbasket. It’s no wonder that Ally & Jo are friends. Would you believe I edited her selections? There was more! And they may have been worse!  With the exception of Deee-Lite (which I can’t embed. boo), I am thoroughly disgusted (okay, not disgusted. The nostalgia is fun. Not exactly my kind of 90s nostalgia, but fun.  I just like being contrary).

Deee-Lite, on the other hand, is thoroughly delightful. I have loved that song since the day I first saw the video on MuchMusic (because it’s not like CFCB, your favourite hits of yesterday and today and all the greatest country hits, would ever have played Deee-Lite). It is the one song that is guaranteed to make me dance. And I do not dance. I don’t dance alone and I rarely go out to dance. I will dance alone to that song.  And there was even a time when I was inspired by sartorial stylings of Lady Miss Kier.

Oh yes. Le Chateau and I were very good friends back in the early 90s. My look was a lot less catsuit (I was in grade six/seven during this period), but the patterns, the headbands, and I even threw in some leggings and hats. I was Lady Miss Kier meets Blossom meets Newfoundland. It wasn’t pretty. There’s probably a good reason little photographic evidence of this phase of my life exists (thank god there were no digital cameras!)

Anyway, this has been a sort of sucky week for me. A week that needed M&M Pretzels (my new best friend), cupcakes and pizza (for Picnicface!). But whatever. The week is over! And the weekend involves bithday parties and cupcakes! and wearing new jeans! (which will stop fitting if I keep it up with the cupcakes). And the Emmys are on! (should we live blog the red carpet?)

Anyway, my favourite thing of the week is the pictures that Sue Carter Flinn took of folks all gussied up in dresses and tuxes on Coney Island. If Halifax’s waters weren’t so icky, I’d want to head to the beach in a prom dress before summer is over. Carpool to a beach, anyone?

Let’s have an Awesome Video of the Week. This one is awesome mostly because of my pretend boyfriend:

well…crap. I can’t embed that video either. You see? Not my week. You’ll just have to go watch it on YouTube.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. August 27, 2010 9:30 am

    You guys should definitely live blog the Emmys! Or at least tweet, so we can compare thoughts on the fashions.

  2. Intern Krista permalink
    August 27, 2010 2:36 pm

    “Lady Miss Kier meets Blossom meets Newfoundland”

    We’re definitely going to need to see a picture of that.

    • L-A permalink*
      August 27, 2010 6:33 pm

      I’m not sure photos exist. Or if I’d have them. But if I do have one, I will share.

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