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Fall is Approaching: This is about when I give up

August 16, 2010

Ally: Anyone who knows me knows that I am a spring/summer gal. I despise winter. It’s not really the cold, wet snow blowing in my face. Nor is it the icky brown slush that stains the roads and sidewalks for the majority of the season. It’s the damper the season puts on my wardrobe. Here’s the thing: I have not owned winter boots since I was five. Ok, maybe seven. I find them disgusting. The very thought of them insults my sensibilities. Like, these are considered fashionable by the peeps at Fab Sugar (I am not dissing Fab Sugar, I love Fab Sugar):


These are called Rubber Duck Snowjoggers. Ew. I was slightly intrigued when Fab Sugar told me that Sienna Miller owns a pair, but then realized Sienna and I can agree to disagree from time-to-time. Like this time:


I’m getting off-track here. My point is, as Fall approaches, I am getting serious anxiety about having to pack away my shoe collection. Yes, my “collection,” for there are no shoes that I deem appropriate to wear in winter. I hate the thought of toting along my shoes in a little bag as I march to lunch in my ugly winter boots. Appalling. It reminds me of grade school when you put your boots in the little cubby and changed into your sneakers for the day. FANCY RESTAURANTS DO NOT HAVE CUBBYS.

So, I have pretty much lived in my Franco Sarto boots for the last two winters. I own the same pair in black and brown and just rotate each day depending on the outfit. My husband will be pleased to know that I have deemed them “worn out,” so I must go out and purchase a new pair(s).

I’m ok with fall, however, because fall still allows you the opportunity to wear grown-up shoes. And you can pair your grown-up shoes with tights! I’m particularly looking forward to putting on a pair of tights with my new Ralph Lauren skirt I picked up at Frenchy’s. Remember the one?

Don’t fret, the skirt has been dry cleaned since I took this photo. The wrinkles are gone.

I’m in the market for a pair of tan booties, something I might even be able to wear without tights, sort of like what Kate Bosworth did at Coachella:


A couple of weeks ago I took BabyG downtown for some Public Gardens action, of course, I had to stop into Dressed in Time (which is not stroller friendly btw, not that many of you give a shit). It is boot HEAVEN there. I vowed to go back on my own so that I could try on some awesome vintage cowboy boots.

Stylecaster has some great picks for the best booties for fall. These are my fave:


Dolce Vita Wedge Booties, which can be found at Revolve Clothing (not sure if they ship to Canada, but I’m sure L-A’s parents wouldn’t mind sending them along to me!).

And I think even L-A and I could agree on these Frye ‘Dorado’ boots:


I’m wondering if Wendy and the Biscuits will be carrying booties this fall? Perhaps we should ask.

L-A: I know, we promised shoe porn last week, but Ally wrote about shoes and I figured it’s kind of the same. Sort of.

As for that collection of booties on Stylecaster? Other than the Frye boots, it was one nightmare after another. Seriously. I will have bad dreams where ponyhair booties and ridiculous cutout half bootie wedges are the only shoes left on the planet I will be forced to choose between barefoot or ugly shoes. Hopefully my subconscious knows enough to choose barefoot.

Considering my fat calves and the issues I have with getting boots over said calves, I should love booties. But I don’t. Honestly, I have yet to find booties I really like. I’ve owned ankle boots, but I never really liked them (I’m probably buying the wrong shoes). But, I did try to prove myself wrong. I looked at no less than ten different websites. Price was no object. If the booties of my dreams (as opposed to those of my nightmares) cost thousands of dollars, so be it. I just wanted to find one pair that I like and could picture myself wearing.

Guess what?

I didn’t find any, that’s what.

Booties may be the only shoe whose charm I am immune to. I can’t picture them looking good on my feet. I can’t picture them with anything in my wardrobe. In fact, when I do see a bootie I don’t completely hate, I can’t really and truly like it because I realize that I’d have to buy at least three new outfits in order to have something to wear with it. Maybe that will be a Fall Challenge for Ally: Find Booties that Don’t Make L-A Look Stupid. But in real life. Not just pictures on the internets. And they would have to be booties I can wear with my current wardrobe. If she can manage this, I will seriously consider buying booties. Until then, booties can shove it.

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  1. Lynn permalink
    August 16, 2010 8:44 am

    L-A – I can totally sympathize with your boot/calf dilemma. I have had many sad moments that involved zippers and my calves, and even some moments where I thought “I don’t really need to zip them all the way to the top, do I?” But, happily, three winters ago I took a chance on extended calf on the J Crew website and they fit. Strangers have coveted these boots, which, I suspect could make you forget booties!

    • L-A permalink*
      August 16, 2010 9:51 am

      I did find Aerosole boots with an extended calf this past winter – doing the zipper up on them was like a dream come true. I’m pretty sure a heavenly choir sang at the moment they did up without a kneecap muffin top. But I’ll have to check out J Crew, seeing as I’d like to own more than one pair of boots.

  2. Laurel permalink
    August 17, 2010 11:04 am

    Revolve does ship to Canada – and if it is your first time, give their super helpful call centre a buzz and they apply a 30% discount to your order. I purchsed a pair of Frye Campus boots from Revolve and had a great experience! Fall = boot season.

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