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A Garden Tutu Party, or thoughts on Dior Fall 2010

July 7, 2010

Ally: I was all ready to start this post but got sidetracked watching TMZ’s livefeed of Lindsay Lohan’s probabation hearing. This after watching the Jake and Vienna showdown last evening. My brain is officially mush.

Now on to much more important things. The recent showing of Dior Couture in Paris for F2010. The collection is like my love for Billy Bush Eminem. I adore, but it is not within my grasp. So I can only gush over the many pages of The Internets. Perhaps I can share my new lust?

I sort of wish we had a Halifax Cotillion for adults. If we did, and if I was rich, and if Ryan would be my date, I would absolutely wear this. Minus the head piece. I appreciate a good head piece in theory, but not in practice.

It’s funny, I was just thinking of pairing my purple shirt, with my black skirt and pulling it together with a red belt. Should I be a designer you ask? Giggle. STOP! This purple floral dress is doing impossible things to my heart. I worry that the floral thing is a trend, like the mood ring I walked to Park Lane to purchase in the middle of a snow storm when I was 13 years old. I really like floral though, so much so that I bought a floral maternity wear shirt when I was at the most large stage of my pregnancy. Not a good idea. Neither was the vertical striped hoodie. No, no. No, no.

I think Intern Eden  would like this pattern. It reminds me of something Charlotte would wear.


I seem to recall L-A loving this very dress…she’ll correct me if I am wrong.

Thoughts, readers? I’ll be on the hunt in our fair city to find similar floral frocks and will be sure to keep you up-to-date.

L-A: I forgot about that dress! I do kind of love it! I even made my own collage back in the day:

But the thing is, as cute as it was, everyone loved that dress. And I just couldn’t be seen wearing the same thing as Iman or Coco. That would have been embarassing if we showed up to the same party and had on the exact same thing. (p.s. what happened to Project Runway Canada? Can we bring it back?)

But back to garden party worthy frocks and Dior. Did you know the headpieces are meant to look like cellophane? True story. They are meant to look like what you’d wrap flowers in. On purpose.

I like it. Not to wear, but I like the idea of it. I am also like the idea of the raffia belt. I hope it’s not real raffia, because one exhale from the model and that stuff would snap (which would be one of those times when you wish you were using undead models who don’t need to breathe).

I also really enjoy this dress from Dior:

Whatever is happening with the side of her dress is like a weird and pretty sea creature. A sea creature that’s probably more Life Aquatic than Jacques Cousteau, but what do I know? Sea creatures usually creep me out, so it’s cool that I’m enjoying this one so much. I want to own it. I would wear  A sea creature by Dior that I am not loving so much is this sponge like one:

Is it the colour? Is it the spongeyness? Je ne sais pas. Mais, je n’aime pas so much.

Enough about Dior from us. Everyone is talking about Dior (at least it seemed that way on twitter). Besides, dudes like Tim Blanks are way better at describing it than us. The material point is: garden party-esque florals + tulle = excellent idea. I think a garden party is in order. In fact, I believe Intern Eden and I were discussing that very idea not too long ago. Which means: we were way ahead of you Galliano! We may not have thought of wearing cellophane on our heads, but we were thinking of florals and full skirts.

p.s. I love when Ally breaks out the Ryan + Marisa moments from the O.C. Actually, I love when she breaks out any O.C. moment. She totally called me a bitch the other day because I said Seth is kind of a C-lister. Which was me being nice.

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  1. Eden permalink
    July 7, 2010 2:47 pm


    I am packing and this is important!

    • L-A permalink*
      July 7, 2010 3:35 pm

      I am going to make an executive decision: YES. Some kind of garden party will happen. We need a reason to wear pretty dresses and drink the mint that I am growing. Seriously. My mint has exploded and that means only one thing: I need to drink more mint based drinks. (I have no idea why you would grow mint if it wasn’t meant for cocktails).

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