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Veronica MacIsaac: Designer and Internet Video Vixen

July 2, 2010

Ally: I swears one of these days we will get used to conducting interviews. It’s like we see a camera in our face and totally get the giggles. I also swears that the next time we are on air I will shut my face and count to ten in order to let L-A speak. You have no idea the amount of embarrassment cringes that come with watching our interview with Veronica MacIsaac. I want to punch myself in the face real hard like.

This is not about us though, it’s about Veronica. No, really. It is. We were thrilled that she agreed to meet with us at the studio for an interview. L-A met with her back in early fall when I had just had Baby G. Unfortunately, due to an insane work schedule and balancing all things real life, we never got to putting that interview up on the blog. Veronica was gracious enough to allow us a redo.

I’m sort of a gushing fan when it comes to Veronica and her designs. As we frequently mention, we’re new to the fashion industry in Halifax, but learning about Veronica has been a serious highlight for me. Her Fall 10 collection is incredible. I often describe my ideal style as classic with a little edge. Sienna does this well:


Listen, I know I raise the Sienna factor a lot on this blog. In fairness, I haven’t mentioned Billy Bush in weeks. WEEKS. This is in large part due to my new obsession with Eminem. I digress.

Classic with an edge. This is how I would describe Veronica’s Fall 10 collection. We show these photos in the video, but here’s a closer look:

Incredible, right? Usually I would be wary of ruffles on my tooshy (Tooshy? Spl?), I think this works though. I love how it is pulled together with the belted tartan at the top of the skirt. Slims the waist line. Yes, I don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. I want to say, “I really, really think this skirt is all kinds of cute and fantastic”. Trying to be all Tonne Goodman-ish is tough. I need more verbs and adjectives.

These clothes make me excited for winter. This is a positive as I hate winter. Really hates. Looking at the skirts in particular makes me want to throw on a pair of thick tights and run to John David Shoes to purchase a pair of adorable ankle boots. Maybe they would have an affordable version of these adorable Romantic Oscar de la Renta lace detailed numbers:


Let’s try something new, shall we? Let’s let L-A talk about her thoughts on Veronica. Before we go to L-A, here’s the video pour vous:

and Part Two (because we didn’t realize we were supposed to shut the eff up and wrap up the interview. Newbies!)

P.S. I would like to note that I “do” in fact know that the AFW Spring Fashion Week is to show the collections for Fall. I’m ignorant, but not that ignorant. I phrased the question wrong. To punish myself I will keep the jean romper from Zellers that I purchased in a fit of exhausted boredom this morning. I will also wear it. Somewhere.

L-A: This might be a case where Ally has said it all. Veronica is just amazing. You don’t know how much I want a custom made plaid pencil skirt from this lady.  I don’t have a family tartan, but I could always just pick the one I like best, call it my family tartan (I made up my last name, so I can make up a tartan) and get her to make me a kick ass skirt.

As for the videos, well, Ally isn’t that bad. When she gets nervous she talks. When I get nervous, I clam up. We both get nervous in front of cameras. So while she worries that she never lets me get a word in edgewise, I’m always feeling bad because I don’t talk. I just smile and nod and think to myself, “you should talk. you should say something“, but then don’t actually say anything.  So, if you look at it that way, we actually make a good team. Not a talented TV-show hosting team, but a good team nonetheless.

p.s. Totally off topic, I just need to say thanks to everyone for all the amazing feedback we’ve been getting about The Prom Committee.  We were excited about the project, but had no idea if anyone would even be interested.  So, to get so much positive feedback since just Wednesday has been fantastic. It makes me a little verklempt.  The Committee is going to have a meeting this week, so we’ll have more details about how things are going to work. In the meantime, y’all rock. Really, you do. I can’t wait to really get the ball rolling.

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