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Frenchy’s Fridays: We be Thrifting.

July 2, 2010

Ally: I traveled to beautiful Digby County over the weekend for my 32nd birthday celebrations. These celebrations included a number of gin and tonics with fresh strawberries and lime (DIVINE!), spending time with the lovely Jane (who also has a cottage in Digby Co. you may remember the story I told of Jane and I playing Anne of Green Gables together as kids), and heading to Guy’s Frenchys in town. We pulled a good load this weekend, my friends. Jane took some artsy shots of her Frenchy’s wares and sent them along to me. My photos are less artsy, and more rushed, as I am racing to get this post up and ready before BabyG’s naptime comes to a sudden and abrupt end as has been the case lately. Without further ado, our Frenchy’s Finds:

Here are Jane’s new duds on her clothes line outside her place. My fave items was the multi-patterned skirt she picked up and the Angela Bower robe (as she calls it…hysterical, non?).

Here’s Jane’s robe:

I swear I recall Angela wearing almost an identical robe. This was the closest I could find. Perhaps L-A will have better luck.


YouTube musical montage you ask? Sure!

This was made in 2008. Like, someone is still lovin’ the Angela and Tony romance a decade later. More than a decade? Funny nevertheless.

The skirt:

I also love the shirts that Jane bought. Especially the red snap-up DKNY shirt. Jane wore it to work on Monday. Said it fit like a glove.

I bought a few shirts myself, a couple from Gap and one from Ann Taylor Loft. I’ll take photos once I have the shirts washed. The photos of wrinkled shirts aren’t blog worthy (not that many of my self-photos are…). My best buys were two skirts for work. Another Ann Taylor Loft find and a Ralph Lauren Polo mini.

Here’s the Ann Taylor. Gorgeous colour. Check out the fleck (is it called fleck?)

The detail on the back is tres flattering for the posteriour area…

And the Ralph Lauren?

This also needs some professional cleaning, but try to imagine it without the wrinkles. The buttons are my favourite.

Sure, it’s short, but I’ll pair it with heavy tights and perhaps some ankle booties. I’ve decided that I am not too old to wear shorter styles. I’m going to be the Shauna Sand of Halifax.

Yes. Yes, I am.

L-A: I really wish I had something of value to add to this post. I’m not even phoning it in. I couldn’t watch the whole Angela+Tony video, I didn’t know who Shauna Sand is and I just suck at thrifting. I love a bargain, but thrifting is really  not my forté. Maybe it’s my dust allergy, maybe it’s my lack of patience, but I’ve never been able to really scour a thrift store and find the good stuff.  And that is why I think I need to either tag along with Ally on a Frenchy’s trip or find someone else to do the thrifting for me.  It’s a good thing the internets is around, because it means I can find people to do it for me.  Some examples? Sure!

Not exactly thrifting, but the only way I’d find vintage couture in this world (because I’d miss the good stuff if I were out searching for vintage) is through Shrimpton Couture. Based out of Toronto, this lady knows her stuff. I love reading her blog and seeing how she can identify a designer based on a photo. Is this a skill someone can cultivate? Or a talent you’re born with? Because if it’s a skill, it’s one that I want to have.

On the vintage and thrifty front is Ainslie Wood Co. from Hamilton, Ontario.  I think I’ve mentioned them before, but it’s an online shop so nice, it worth mentioning twice.  They find the most adorable things. Sadly, the pieces I’ve loved all seem to be in sizes far too small for me.

And a newcomer to the game, doing thrift that is not necessarily vintage (but can be) is Ladyface Desirables. I’m not just saying this because Eden is our intern, but from experience: the girl knows how to thrift like nobody’s business.  When she first moved back to Halifax, after being away for a few years, the owner of a thrift store not only remembered her, but was telling her how she still held pieces for her for the first year after Eden had left Halifax (the first time).  Eden’s thrifting could be my gain (fingers crossed).

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Eden permalink
    July 2, 2010 10:27 am

    Aw, yay! Thanks guys!

  2. Lynn Matheson permalink
    July 2, 2010 11:23 am

    Nothing like the joy of Frenchy’s treasures flapping on the line! And that Ralph skirt is very Ralph and the buttons ARE great!

    • allygarbs permalink*
      July 2, 2010 1:40 pm

      The buttons are amazing. I can’t wait to wear it!

  3. July 2, 2010 8:23 pm

    Thirfting is my oxygen. Living across from a thrift store is financially rewarding, but hard on the closets. Came across a red snakeskin belt the other day, even wore it to bed (for all the wrong reasons.. but brag-worthy nonetheless). Keep me in the loop when the Frenchy’s tourbus gets organized!


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