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Cheap or Chic?

June 23, 2010

Ally: I will not bore you with the tales of my life in suburbia these days. I will say this, I went to Walmart today. It was a highlight. I cried when the lady at the Starbucks drive-thru asked me how my day was. That was a lowlight (lowlight?).

So, Walmart. I bought a new dress. Not even sure you can call it a dress. It’s a cute little T-back sundress that I thought looked adorable on the hanger. I didn’t even try it on (baby has been in enough dressing rooms). It was all of $9, and I figured if it didn’t fit, I could hand it off to one of you readers. Here’s the thing: it fits, and I sort of love it paired with the stilleto gladiators I got at Winners over the weekend. However, and it’s a big however, it is…sheer, shall we say?

It’s not like this:

Source: Did you know that there is a website dedicated to See-through dresses? It’s true!

It’s sort of like this:


College Fashion dot com asks the question in an archived post, “Would you wear a visible bra?” I would. However there are limits. Aren’t there? I mean, I am turning 32 on Saturday (this is what they call, “dropping le subtle hint”). Is that age appropriate?


The writer at College Fashion states, “Personally, I think this look is cute and fun for summer, so long as it’s worn the right way. A lacy bra worn under a loose, basic top is sexy and fashion forward, while a satin push up bra hanging out of a too-tight top is NOT. This trend has the potential to go very wrong, very fast, so it’s important to make an effort to wear it right if you’re going to attempt it.” But, it’s “college” fashion. Not “fashion for moms-with-under-ones”.

Now, I know I previously criticized the Carrie Bradshaw see-thru shirt/bra combo:


I’m not talking fishnet here, people.

So, can I pull it off? Should I wear this dress tonight for our interview with Veronica MacIsaac and her MUA roomie, Victoria Bouchard?

Crap, that’s supposed to be “see-thru”, not “see-thu”. Drink! Ha….ah. Actually, we should create a drinking game around our botched spelling on this blog. We’d be schmasted every Mon, Wed and Fri!

We’re going for  après-interview drinks if any readers would like to come join and meet the fashionable girls (not us, them. We’re still working to attain fashionable status). Follow our twitter account to find out the deets.

L-A: Maybe I’m a huge prude, but I do not love the sheer top + bra look. Actually, it has nothing to do with being a prude.  In a well-styled photo shoot, I am down with the visible bra, the sheer + bra. I just don’t think it translates well into the real world. (I know Intern Eden will disagree with me). At least, I haven’t seen it translated well. Take that pic of Rumi Neely for example:

She looks good, right? Right. And you like her style, right? Right. Now, imagine that look on a stranger passing you on the street. What would you do if you saw that? I bet the majority of us would judge them. If we saw that look on the bus, we’d be like, “who’s the skank with the bra showing?”, as opposed to, “who’s that bold and trend setting lady?”

I guess this is the argument I have always made about Carrie Bradshaw: we love her look and her fashion chutzpah on screen, but as soon as we see someone do it in real life, we mock. And we mock hard.

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  1. June 23, 2010 11:32 am

    I dunno … I’m torn on this one.

    I sort of love the see-thru top look WHEN DONE PROPERLY, but a dress … that’s a whole other beast, as it involves the “p” word.

    The Carrie see-thru dress was sort of cute (minus the weird scarf around bicep), but it was seeing the UNDERWEAR (see, I love you, and therefore will not use the “p” word…) that I couldn’t get over.

    Is the dress white?

    • L-A permalink*
      June 23, 2010 11:55 am

      Jo has got a point. It is one thing for the world to see your bra, but it’s another thing to be showing off your P’s (new word!). Intern Krista and I caught sight of a white dress last night in the Public Gardens and there was definitely some unintentional showing of her undies. A lining was needed…and I’ve sort of gotten off topic….point is: you probably don’t want to show off both tops and bottoms under your dress.

    • allygarbs permalink*
      June 23, 2010 12:27 pm

      Fear not! The bottom part of the dress is “tutu-ish” and patterned. There will be no exposing the underpants. That is not even on the table for discussion. That was removed from the table when El Jeffe put a ring on it.

  2. June 23, 2010 3:09 pm

    This look is often found in my boyfriend’s kitchen when I’m doing dishes, his deck when I’m barbeque’ing, and in his room when I’m.. making the bed. In other words, when I’m jonesing and know he’s the only one to see me expose my frilly underthing beneath a sheer, white, poorly cut top. A la boudoire only, I’m with L-A on this one. I adore prudence & mockery!

  3. Sarah M permalink
    June 23, 2010 3:18 pm

    Why was there no “all of the above” on that survey? Why?

    Sheer done right is fabulous, as long as the sheer is intended, and not the result of an unfortunate lactation accident/wet t-shirt effect.

    • allygarbs permalink*
      June 24, 2010 5:21 pm

      I knew you would be on board, Sarah!

  4. August 9, 2010 4:13 am



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