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We’d love you to love us (in which we are completely shameless)

June 8, 2010

L-A: Guess what! Elle Canada (one of our favourite magazines and we’re not just saying that to kiss ass…I really do read it regularly. Just ask my husband who trips over copies around the house) is looking for your favourite fashion blogger of the moment. We want that blogger of the moment to be us.  I mean, we really want it to be us.  We will do something challengey and nuts as a reward if you help us out.

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

1. Go to Elle Canada’s facebook page.

2. “Like” them (the corny Fb way of saying you’re a fan of them).

3. Write on their wall or comment on their post about fashion bloggers of the moment. Tell them you love us. Tell them why you love us. Either they will listen to you or they will get annoyed and ignore us. We hope it is the former.

4. While you’re at it, why go buy a copy of Elle Canada. For reals. We love blogs, but we also adore glossy fashion magazines and we both subscribe to a couple. You should see the picture of Ally reading Vogue to BabyG. It would warm even the frostiest Anna Wintouriest heart.

Now, as a bonus, some hot late-90s Heath Ledger and an enjoyable cover of Cheap Trick:

p.s. even if Elle Canada doesn’t agree with y’all, we’re still getting warm fuzzies from the love.

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