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Costume Institute Gala 2010: Sienna Miller? I die.

May 5, 2010

Ally: The name of this blog sums up Sienna Miller. Fashionable, yes. Questionable choices, yes. Sure she is (allegedly) a wee bit of a homewrecker, but she always looked good when she was being so very, very bad. I also agree with Laineygossip that Sienna looks best when she is on the arm of Jude Law. Proof?

Decked out in Pucci. Can we talk about the shoes?  Jebus the shoes. I need to find a better photo.


It has to be said: Sienna Miller may just have the best legs ever.

Speaking of legs, I disagree with Lainey on Blake Lively’s dress selection. Lainey hates it, calls it overkill. I say if I looked like Blake I would overkill every day of the week. That means I would walk around in my underpants saying, “What?” and shrugging my shoulders when people stared.


She’s wearing Marchesa, who is the master of overkill, but I dig it. L-A would hate this I imagine, but she’s on vacation so I can like whatever I want. While I do enjoy the dress, I don’t get the shoe choice at all.  I don’t even want to address Jessica whateverhernameis. She bores me. And Ed Westwick dumped her. Thus making her irrelevant. [L-A, five hours later: it’s true. I don’t dig what Blake Lively is wearing. But she does have that body and she does pretty much spend all her days wearing next to nothing and giving you a look that says, “what of it, bitches? my body is better than EVERYONE ELSE”.  Also, is it okay that I’m giddy about the thought of Chuck Bass dating whatsherface?]

As per usual, I hate what Taylor Swift is wearing:


It’s sort of a well-known fact here at FPQT that I like country music. Loves me some country.

That’s some beautiful music right there.

Back to Taylor. I’ve said it before, she needs to get over her teenage years. You’re not 15 anymore sweetheart, no matter how much you sing about it. This is Ralph Lauren, so I want to like it because I love The Ralph…I just…I can’t on her. You know?

Two country songs in one post! Anyone still reading? No! Awesome! I’m flying solo! [L-A: dudes, I am so sorry for all the country. I promise never to go on vacation again.]


Brooke Shields could not bore me anymore if she was singing a song about her toenails on the ukulele. Speaking of her toenails, if you’re going to wear your dress so long that you can only see your toenails peeking out from your shoes, you may as well go the extra few inches and cover it all.  Bonus points if you trip.

Oh, SJP:


This is horrible.

I’m kind of enjoying Kerry Washington in red:


I head-tilted a bit over it, but I think we’re good.  It’s different for sure, but she’s working it. Seriously though, imagine Taylor Swift in this dress? You can’t because the girl is forever 12. Kills me.  Are you ready for this factoid? She’s wearing Gap.  Technically it’s Thakoon for Gap, but still. GAP! Gap became involved due to the American Woman theme of the event. Fabsugar dot com reports that, “The VP of global design has teamed up with some kickass CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winners — like Alexander Wang and Rodarte” to dress some of the attendees.

The Mooooooore You knooooooooow:

Ooh! I love this!:


Malin Akerman in Temperley London. The neckline is perfect. Like a yummy cinnamon bun that I have been coveting for days.

Thoughts readers? What were your faves? Who failed? Can you tell I’m exhausted?

2 Comments leave one →
  1. L-A permalink*
    May 5, 2010 5:28 pm

    This post does not deserve the John McCain! I don’t know about the readers, but I liked it. I don’t agree with all of your faves and I am horrified by the double shot of country, but I enjoyed it. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

  2. Eden permalink
    May 5, 2010 6:19 pm

    If SJP’s dress wasn’t way too long I think it would be gorgeous!

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