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Favourite Friday – April 8 Edition: Party in the Hfx

April 9, 2010

L-A: Holidays on Mondays do not make a short week seem short. They just mess with your head and you can’t figure out what day of the week is it (is it Monday? Tomorrow’s Wednesday or Thursday?).

Anyway, less than one week until we have our blog birthday party! And since Ally is sleeping one off this afternoon, I’m starting the post and sharing the following pop song fun with you. It’s not a video, but I think it’s perfect for us:  I love Modest Mouse, Ally loves Miley Cyrus. We’re the perfect Odd Couple.

Here’s the song. It’s a mashup from McNutt Against the Music:

AllyG: I only wish I was sleeping one off. It would be heaven compared to this head-cold. I will hit the hay early tonight in order to get sufficient beauty sleep prior to our big party next week. We have the FINAL details. Here you go:


Moi, pictured on my last Girls’ Night Out! (Source)

L-A at a recent red carpet function. Oopsie-daisy! (Source)

And of course, our devoted readers. That’s you!

I’ve often said our blog is like distance education for a degree in The Klassy.

What: Our 1st birthday!

Where: Mosaic on Argyle St.

When: Thursday, April 15. Starting at 5pm.

I figured that this was the perfect time to put my H&M gift certificate to good use. I was hoping that this red number from The Garden Collection would be at the Dartmouth location.

Source ( is an awesome blog btw, you should check it out.)

You can also get it in white, but I fear it might be a bit too “tarty bride”, not that I have anything against that.


So, join us! Bring your friends! We really look forward to getting together with some of our local readers to judge each other in person.

In sad news, reader Jane sent me a note to inform me that the inventor of boxed wine has passed on to a better place. She acquired this blurb from somewhere on The Internets:

Let’s all slap the bag for Thomas Angove, the inventor of the wine box, who passed away this week at a well-aged 92 years. Almost 45 years ago, he patented the idea to sell wine in a box, and the rest is blurry, budget-friendly history. If only there were some way to console ourselves in this time of mourning? Some way that was portable, affordable, refreshing over ice*, and upon being empty easily transforms into something not entirely unlike a beach ball for drunken party goers? RIP, Thomas

Thomas was brilliant. I think on that point, we can all agree.

For the crappy pop video of the week, keeping with the theme:

Ok, it’s a Thursday night, but whatevs, I heart Brad Paisley.


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