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Favourite Friday – March 19th edition: Dress Like Carrie recap & March Madness

March 19, 2010

L-A: This week’s favourite is an easy one: on a dare, Ally just spent seven days dressing like Carrie Bradshaw. Can we take another  look at my absolute favourite of all her outfits:

Best. Ever.

My other favourite thing this week, and you will not see this one coming (you may even call it the questionable thing of the week), is March Madness. I effing love college basketball. When I was 13 and driving to Florida on a family vacation, we watched a Final Four game on TV in a motel somewhere on the I-95. I picked Duke because I liked their uniforms. They won that year and the next and I was hooked. Hooked, I tell you. I don’t know really know the rules and I definitely don’t play the game, but I love college basketball.  Duke is my team and don’t even try to argue with me or else I will cut you.*

*okay, I won’t cut you. But do not knock my favourite team.

For those of you who could give a rat’s behind about basketball, Fug Madness is also happening.

Now, I need to move on from favourite things to my challenge. (If you’re not familiar with Heathers, you need to run – not walk – to a video store and get a copy. You will not regret it.)

Before this gets started, I need to tell you: I’m worried. I’m not sure how I’m going to do this without looking like I’m wearing a costume everyday. And while I’ve warned a few co-workers, I decided it was inappropriate to e-mail the entire organization to explain my outfits. This means I may need something that I can make a little less ridiculous by taking off my gaudy brooch or something  in order to go to a meeting. Because it is one thing to go for coffee in knee socks, it is another to go into a meeting with an 80s blazer and a croquet mallet.

I’m also worried that when I downplay the 80s costumery of it, I will end up looking like a poor girl’s Blair Waldorf. Sure my accessories will match my tights, but will it be enough?  I may need to raid closets this weekend, because this challenge is going to be a tough one and I’m not about to buy four new coloured blazers just for the week. I’m a little bit afraid of disappointing you. I also have giant Ally dressed like Carrie shoes to fill.

AllyG: I find it all kinds of adorable that L-A loves college basketball. All kinds. I picture her with her box of wine and oversized Duke jersey yelling at the TV screen, much like she does for ANTM. This makes me love her even more.

The Carrie challenge was fun, y’all. I do have to say, I enjoyed getting back into my traditional mat leave wear of lululemons and baggy t-shirt combo.

My fave Carrie outfit was this one:

I would honestly wear this out. Although I would try and comb my hair. I asked El Jeffe what his fave was, and his answer was very cute. He said he liked the Fedora outfit, because it was “most like you”, awwwwww.

We also both thought it was pretty cute that BabyG loved the pearls. It kept him entertained for hours that afternoon. I have to say, my baby boy loved this challenge. Each day he woke from his morning nap to see Mom wearing some ridiculous get-up that included either a hat, pearls, fake flower or scarf around the arm. He would laugh his ass off in his crib. I kid you not. It was adorable.

L-A faces a tough challenge, as she is not on mat leave and her “public outings” include her work environment. So I will not dock points for her removing a brooch or some other weird object before she has an important meeting. I’m cool like that. I think she is going to rock this out.

And now, to the crappy pop video of the week:

A Jermaine Stewart classic. This is a fave song for my boy. He seems much happier when his pants are off, so I often sing him this song to remind him to “have some class”. I doubt it will work, he is my son afterall.

L-A: As long as we teach BabyG this important lesson:  girls do not like the skeezy guys at The New New Palace (because I’m sure it will have an extra “new” added to it by the time he is of clubbing age, to make sure patrons do not confuse it with the old New Palace). If they end up with the skeezy guy, they end up with an extra helping of regret in the morning.  If you have to be at the Palace, be a gentleman. Better yet, maybe we can teach him not to go to the Palace at all. He can learn from the mistakes of Mommy and Auntie L-A.

And it’s true. I totally yell at the TV with my trusty box of wine at my side (you know, to keep things classy). I believe I yelled, “Suck it, UNLV” while checking the scores this evening because I picked Northern Iowa to advance and they did. (Although Murray State and Old Dominion got the better of me – WTF is up with that?).

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  1. March 23, 2010 10:58 pm

    I absolutely loved the Carrie Bradshaw challenge, and am excited for the next one! I write my own blog and I added a link to yours today :)
    Check it out at


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