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Favourite Friday – February 26th Edition: I see London, I see France! (Ally wants you to see her underpants!)

February 26, 2010

AllyG: So with all of this talk about undergarments, I thought we should spend some time on one of my FAVOURITE trends for Spring 2010, lingerie as outerwear (aka we want to get more male readers).

Shine, from Yahoo, spoke to a few experts on how to translate this trend to normal every day life. Because it’s just plain inappropriate to trot into work in your thong. My friend (read: L-A) tried it once, and it didn’t go over well.

“Naturally, I’m not hoping to see a lot of inappropriate bare skin and literal lingerie showing in the workplace,” says Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo. “I’m foreseeing a spike in lace-edge slips emerging from hemlines and sheer, pretty hosiery again.”

I like this trend, because as I’ve previously mentioned, I’m all about the cami under the blazer. When done right, you push the femininity a bit while still leaving something to the imagination (Hi, Mom!).


Allow me to present this Richard Nicoll bodice dress as a perfect example. On an aside, El Jeffe just leaned over my shoulder to look at the net-a-porter picture and said, “$2,000? HOLY F**K”. See? This is exactly why I don’t ask him first for his credit card! He doesn’t get it. Ask for forgiveness, ladies, not permission. Repeat after me. Permission, No. Forgiveness, Yes.

Perhaps this trend is better for an evening event. I’m digging the bustier with a skirt look as seen below on Katie Cassidy (Do any of you watch 90210? Do I need to get into this show? I do enjoy crap TV) [L-A edit: um…it is Melrose Place. How is it you don’t know this?]:


The above look is not appropriate for someone over 30. I don’t care what you say. I’m not arguing about this. HOWEVER, I would pair this bustier with a Herve Leger skirt.


Hot, non? Let’s take it a step further, shall we? My perfect outfit would be this!

Top from Loeffler Randall and mid-grey classic bubble skirt from Liberty of London.

In my dreams, Billy Bush surprises me at my doorstep holding a beautifully wrapped box containing the above items. But wait! (I protest) You forgot the shoes! Then he chuckles and shows me the shoe box he has been hiding behind his back THE WHOLE TIME. We hold eachother and giggle and I open it and clutch my heart. For Billy has gone out and purchased a pair of Betsey Johnson Magenta Kanata Heels for me:


I always sort of wish I could be at L-A’s house when she signs into our blog and attempts to pick up where I leave off. I imagine she clicks away at the bottom arrow key, scrolling through my crap, muttering under her breath such things as “can’t effing stay on task” and “have another one you stupid lush” as well as “Why did I ever agree to a ‘co-blogger'”. Once she gets to the end of my commentary, she takes a swig from her gin bottle and puts this song on blast…

L-A: Did the Billy Bush fantasy make you vomit in your mouth? Just a little bit? It’s okay if it did. Ally knows the Billy Bush intervention is coming…but she’s okay with that because she was promised wine at the intervention. Hell, we might even hold the intervention at a bar. And fear not, the intervention is coming. Hopefully she’ll make it through Craptacular Pretend Boyfriend Rehab in time for Oscars (and not suffer a relapse during the Oscar red carpet).

It’s also okay if you were a little horrified by Beyoncé’s hair in that video. Beyoncé is probably a little horrified by it.

It’s the sort of hair-do that would make Tyra yell something about a nasty weave/wig and then shave Beyoncé’s head and tell her she looks fierce (okay, I don’t know if that’s even a weave or a wig. I just know Tyra yells that and it ends badly for some poor girl).

Moving on.

I like the lingerie look in theory. It’s not for me (not since that thong incident. Sheesh. Go to work without pants one day and they call HR), but I did encourage someone to go out with her bra showing last night (I was the babysitter! The different between now and when I was fifteen? Booze!). And I meant it. My only advice to her was to own it. If you’re contantly pulling and poking at your dress and the lingerie peeking out, then it isn’t going to work so well. You’ll look awkward and uncomfortable. That’s my fashion advice to you folks (do with it what you will): if you’re going to let the world see your delicate unmentionables, then you best own it.

Now for my favourite thing of the week (other than Ally, who was awesome when I was grieving for my cat and put up with me when I compared her beloved Nicole’s clothes to that of a Golden Girl). I have just discovered  It is awesome and I’m mad at the internet because I want to know why I’m only just finding it now (it’s been around since 2003). But I did find it because of googling research, so I guess I can’t stay mad at the internet forever.  The list of things they love on their about page includes clothes, boys, shoes, and YouTube. Which just happen to be a few of the things we love here at FPQT (note: Billy Bush is not on the list of things we love).  And at least one of the ladies of is a fan of the Beastie Boys and MCA (as well as finding Chuck Bass and Logan Echolls endearing) and MCA is totally one of my Pretend Boyfriends, as is Chuck Bass (Dear MCA: call me! You’re awesome!; Dear Chuck Bass and Logan Echolls: you are hot, but you are fictional, so I do not expect a call.).

(source: I didn’t even have to add my own hearts to this picture. Someone else did it and saved it as “Adam-Yauch-is-a-dreamboat2.jpg”, which he is. Now to find “Adam-Yauch-is-a-dreamboat1.jpg”. Although…in my search to find “Adam-Yauch-is-a-dreamboat1.jpg”, I discovered what may also be the original source of the picture. Internet, you make it hard to know who did what first).

I want to be internet BFFs with these ladies. Also, they update more than we do, which I totally respect seeing as there are weeks when the two of us can barely get our shit together for three posts (which we totally blame on the boxed wine).

Okay, it’s weekend time! The husband is out of town, which means I break out the vino and watch Miss Marple on DVD (what? I am over 30 and I work all week. I do not have the energy to do anything interesting).

AllyG: Speaking of fave new websites! I made a new friend on Twitter (this was shortly after I defriended L-A for making fun of Nicole Richie). I bring you The Capitol Fashionista. She loves shoes even more than I do. True story.

8 Comments leave one →
  1. Rhia permalink
    February 26, 2010 10:39 am

    Ok, yes, fine, it was me! I did not have a bra that did not show in the neckline of my cute little H&M sweater dress! And by the time we got to our event (Food and Wine Festival, mmmmm), getting rear-ended in the cab on the way down, I had totally forgotten about it and owned it like my SIN number. That doesn’t even make sense.

    • allygarbs permalink*
      February 26, 2010 11:05 am

      Actually, it does make sense. And it’s quite funny. Well done Gerkin.

  2. Jen Nicholson permalink
    February 26, 2010 4:13 pm

    Love the lingerie as outerwear look. The next question is what lingerie do you wear under the lingerie to make it look good?

    • L-A permalink*
      March 1, 2010 12:25 am

      That’s a really good question. I’m not sure. I’m guessing that whatever it is, it should be small. I may need to go ask a lingerie store for tips on this.

  3. auntiefashion permalink
    February 27, 2010 2:36 pm

    Katie Cassidy was also in “Harper’s Island,” where she was absolutely terrific. She’s the best thing about “Melrose Place,” too, and I believe she’s the next big thing. Her dad is David Cassidy from “The Partridge Family.”

    • L-A permalink*
      March 1, 2010 12:24 am

      Even though it sometimes scared the beejeezus out of me, I really enjoyed her in “Harper’s Island”. I’m hoping to see more of her on TV (because I’m not really counting on this Melrose Place having any longevity. I’m not even sure the CW is renewing it). I did not know that she was the descendant of a Partridge.

  4. Anon Ex-Haligonian permalink
    March 1, 2010 1:18 am

    Love the blog – gives me a(n almost daily) chuckle/food for (Google) thought. Adore the writing.

    My question is – what about an Olympic team fashion critique?

    • allygarbs permalink*
      March 6, 2010 12:49 pm

      Thanks so much! We tried to work out a post on Olympic fashion, and by “we” I mean L-A. I couldn’t really find anything interesting besides the Norweigan curling pants, and those were talked about by everyone. We suck. Glad we make you laugh though! We admit to laughing at our own jokes all the time. I DM L-A on twitter regularly telling her how funny I think I am!

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