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Favourite Friday – January 15 Edition: Simps’ shoes and Spade’s bag

January 15, 2010

AllyG: Wow. I sucked hard at blogging this week.  Each week brings new and exciting challenges!

Anyway, let’s talk about fun things. Fun things like Jessica Simpson. I follow The Simps on Twitter she has amazing shit on there. Such as photos of her with a burning candle in her ear attempting to get the wax out. Awesome. However, she posted the following on Thursday morning:

I had to rock these Jessica Simpson shoes tonight!!

Check out the shoes:

My heart hurts I love them so much. Also, jeals about her pedi. My feet desperately need a pedi. One of our readers, and my dear friend, Jane sent me a gift certificate for a pedi at Spirit Spa. I’m trying ot hold out until Spring when I can indulge my tootsies before exposing them to the general public. Speaking of Jane, which we are, her sister has started her own fashion blog. Sarah works in the fashion biz and has the best taste ever. I know this because when we were little and spending summers down in Smith’s Cove, Sarah would always choose to be Josie Pye when we were playing Anne of Green Gables. Jane used to make me be chubby Diana. I was so pissed. Anyway, we all know that Josie was a super bitch, but the chick had style. Just look at how stupid Diana looks:


Man, I just found the best YouTube vid. It’s a musical montage celebrating the magical love between Anne and Gilbert. AND! AND! It features music from Westlife.

I’ve outdone even myself today. Golf claps.

Here’s Westlife singing my Favourite Song of All Time. I know, you love me, right?

At BabyG’s next nap I am totally going to learn that choreography.

L-A: Dear God. Anne of Green Gables + Westlife covering Air Supply?  I am baffled. Baffled. Part of my bafflement is that the cover exists. The other part is that someone spent the time making that video.  Oh, and how you found it. How the hell did you find it? Every week I think you’ve outdone yourself and then you go and outdo yourself yet again. You deserve the golf claps.

So, my favourite thing this week is the following:

Um…hello cuteness! Not only is that (a) a cute bag and (b) a cute Kate Spade bag, but it is (c) made out of rubber.  Like an adorable rubber boot that has been turned into an adorable bag.  And it has a matching umbrella. Can a girl have too many striped bags with matching umbrellas? I think I’d be willing to start a collection (I got a Coach bag with a matching umbrella for Christmas. Best parents ever?).

Apart from it’s cuteness, I’m pretty sure I need it because this bag is perfect for:

  1. crap Halifax weather. Especially crap rainy spring weather (can you imagine? everything in your purse is dry after being out in a downpour).
  2. my tendency to spill coffee on myself as I’m headed to the bus stop (can you imagine? Damp cloth to the bag and presto! coffee gone, no stain and no Tide To Go pen required).

I’m pretty much in love with that bag.  It is a bag I would maim for. I would cage match fight you for it. Also, the colours make me happy and wish it were spring already.

AllyG and L-A: Lastly, social media sites are doing a great job of getting the word out, but we want to do our job as well letting you know how you can help support the effort in Haiti. Both Unicef and the Red Cross are doing an incredible job to organize funds.

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  1. Jane permalink
    January 15, 2010 4:44 pm

    This MADE my day, and trust, I really needed a pick me up. Thank you! My sis will be thrilled. Hanging my head in shame for making you be Diana- although, she did get married first and have babies first so maybe life is imitating art. I just need to find my Gilbert!

  2. January 26, 2010 12:23 pm

    Diana was the pretty one! Anne always envied her … everything!!

    Alas with my freckles, I was always Anne. Only, I was worse: an “Ann” without an “e”… sigh.

    What is the blog link again? The friend’s sister’s blog? I tried to check it out but an error comes up…

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