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Blog Closed for Remembrance Day

November 11, 2009

L-A: Because today is Remembrance Day, it felt a bit weird trying to think of a post. It felt a wee bit callous to talk poppy fashion or military style. So we opted not to do so.  (Also, my computer was completely dead last night and is about to die any minute now so I’m trying to type fast – that’s why this is happening after noon and not first thing in the morning).

Pretty much everything in this city is shut down today (I’m not at work), so it seemed okay not to have a post. But I thought we’d let you know why it wasn’t happening and give you some pictures of poppies.





Had we posted about something today, it would have been about corduroy – as it the day of the Corduroy Appreciation Club‘s Grand Meeting (as the date 11|11 most resembles corduroy). When I eventually get around to getting dressed for the day (what? I’m not working today and I’m dealing with a stupid computer), I’ll put on at least one piece of corduroy. And my poppy.

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