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Friday Favourites – October 30 edition: music L-A likes and Halloween

October 30, 2009

L-A: I usually let Ally start these because I work on Thursday nights. And doing that usually means she shares her crappy pop song du jour avec vous. I’m still dying because of that Jaime Foxx video last week. In case you didn’t bother to watch it, it featured all these celebs trying to be bad ass (Jake Gyllenhaal almost pulls it off, Samuel L. Jackson just reeks bad ass) and then…Ron Howard. I’m sorry. Ron Howard will never look bad ass. He will always look like friggin Opie or what’s-his-bucket from Happy Days.

Anyway, my turn to share my favourite music with you. I’m been listening to Matt and Kim on repeat all week and it does not fail to make me happy/want to dance. How has it taken me so long to find out about these two? Thank heavens Mere and I went to see the film explosion last weekend (we were the ONLY TWO people in the theatre. We regretted not smuggling in wine). If I hadn’t seen Todd P Goes to Austin, my life would be Matt and Kim-less.  Check them out:

Awesome? Yes. Yes they are. Don’t you just want to get up and dance to that? I do and I never dance.  I can even make that song fashion related by showing y’all this Barcardi mojito ad:

Stellar outfits from the 80s, 60s, 50s, 20s, and what I’m guessing is the 1890s (the band digs the bartender’s stache).  So that’s two favourites wrapped up in one video: Matt and Kim AND mojitos. (I told you about my mojito plant didn’t I? I grew mint for the sole purpose of making mojitos. Made blueberry mojito-like-drinks with J.Lau and they were delish).

The fashion favourite of the week: Atlantic Fashion Week!

But I’m devoting multiple posts to this and Ally wasn’t able to play along this year, so we’re going to let her have fun with this post by doing non-fashion week yet still fashionable faves.

In other favourites, tomorrow is Halloween and I am a sad sack with no plans. If I had a car and gas money I’d try to road trip to see Matt and Kim in Maryland (I have neither and I just remembered that I have to work anyway). Or if Ally didn’t have a baby, I’d be begging her to tag-team this costume with me:

wayne and garth

(um, awesome…couldn’t find this image on my computer, so I did a google image search for “wayne and garth” and found it in one our posts).

I’ll probably just sit at home and eat peanut butter cups and sing C’est l’Halloween until I scare neighbourhood kids (does anyone else remember that song from French class?). Although the following would be an awesome costume, except that only Newfoundlanders of a certain age would know we were dressed up as Codco characters. And your costume will always fail if you have to explain it to everyone:

(Y’all just got a two minute lesson in Newfoundland Culture…well, a tip of the iceberg that is Nfld Culture. Did I ever mention I’m from Newfoundland? Because I totally am).

I’m going to go eat candy now and Ally will add her faves of the week when she gets a chance.

AllyG: As far as this week goes, this one was a doozy (spl?). I promised L-A that this would not become a mommy blog, but since this is Favourite Fridays, I reserve the right to talk about various mom-related meltdowns. Can we chat about how awesome it is to have the swine-flu outbreak occur with a seven week old? Between myself and El Jeffe, BabyG is going to be wrapped in bubble wrap and only allowed out of the house if Mark Wahlberg comes to town and wants to “see Mommy”. Hee, that last part was funny. Seriously though, paranoia is alive and well in the G household. This has resulted in what I fondly call, “House Arrest” (El Jeffe believes this description to be a tad sensationalized). Nevertheless, I have spent many a moments listening to the below song and weeping when I hear, “Just a small town girl…livin’ in a looooonely world…”

I’ve started a Glee club with Hughie. It’s going really well so far. We’ve mastered Britney’s greatest hits. *Insert visual of AllyG and BabyG “dancing” around the living room with BabyG in his sling*

BabyG has also had what I call a “No Blogging Week”. Sorry I haven’t been around, but BabyG has needed my full attention, and since he can’t talk or wipe his butt yet, I need to be at his beck and call. To sum up, my fashion moments of this week have been reserved for swiping one spit up bib for another (although he totes has a cute little Halloween sleeper on today courtesy of Frenchy’s! Although, no one is able to see it as we are under house arrest…).

Enough of that. I’m annoying even myself. I’ll leave you with my fave comment of the week from Wilma Hurley:

{Lady Gaga, wow she´s hot these day!! Dreamed about seeing her naked?? Now you can!!! Just visit nakedladygaga . com to see full pages with her naked pictures!!}


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  1. Jane permalink
    October 30, 2009 10:41 am

    LA – if you like Matt & Kim, you should check out Jamie Lidell. A couple notable tunes are: Another Day and Multiply.

    • L-A permalink*
      October 31, 2009 12:16 am

      Thanks! I’ll definitely check him out. From the one listen I’ve given it, I’m liking Another Day.

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