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Happy (Canadian) Turkey Day!

October 12, 2009

L-A: It’s turkey day weekend in Canada and that means that Ally and I are both giving thanks for things. Like gigantic meals. And yorkshire pudding (I didn’t actually have turkey this weekend….that’s what I get for not planning and trying to buy a turkey breast on Saturday night).  I’m sure Ally is thankful for things like adorable babies.

Anyway, as it is a holiday, we’re going to take a holiday. But I wanted to give you something – especially for those of you not getting a long weekend. I was just going to post a picture of a turkey, but then I googled researched “fashionable turkeys” and found this:

jonathan saunders fall 2009 3

Of course I had to share. Please go peruse this blog post to see more comparisons of Jonathan Saunders’ fall 09 line to turkey plumage. I know I’m thankful that such blog posts exist. And Sienna Miller would be too if she had thought to read it before putting that dress on:


And oh my god! The very same blog has another post on turkey inspired fashion! I went back to google images and the next photo I clicked on was the same blog. Totally by chance. I don’t know who you are Trend de la Creme, but two turkey-inspired fashion posts are enough to make me love you. And it is from the second blog post that I was able to find the back side of the turkey hat we featured on Friday:

angelacatirina turkey hat 1.2

That turkey hat never fails to amuse me.
Enjoy your turkey. Or tofurkey. Or just the side dishes. Or your Columbus Day…um…what do you do on Columbus day? Shop? Parade? Have a moderate sized family meal? Colonize? It’s a holiday I know nothing about except for what I just skimmed over on Wikipedia. Whatever it is, enjoy it.

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