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It’s like art for your feet

July 30, 2009

L-A: So, I’m kicking myself for not bookmarking the link to an article about how shoes are getting artsy and architecturey and really complicated on the runway. The reason? It’s harder to knockoff those shoes and designers want to avoid that stuff.  You know, internet ads comme ça:


Boo hiss knockoff shoes. I’m all for affordable shoes. But not so much the knockoffs.

Anyway, back to the fancy shoes. It’s been awhile since we talked shoes. They look impossible to wear, maybe a bit ridiculous at times, but I still love them. Like this crazy fuzzy Galliano number:


puffballs! Why? Why the fuck not! It’s like couture and arts and crafts time all rolled into one. But these?


Effing hot. No frigging idea how you walk in them, but that ain’t my job. A “celebrity” and designer collaboration I thought I could totally get behind? Frank Gehry and JM Weston shoes:


Spats. Right. I mean, they’re real nice looking, but not exactly what I expected from one of the bestest architects around. I guess I expected something a little more impressive. Because you want impressive shoes? Check out these badass shoes I saw on Gilt the other day:


Shit. Those heels totally knocked my socks off. These Casadei shoes are sold out, of course. Suckers were $300 instead of the normal $900. I would have jumped on that too. I’m completely in love with the wood. Some wood soled, affordable, and available alternatives:


enh….I usually like Jessica Simpson shoes, but these do not do much for me.


And while these Kenneth Coles don’t have the those crazy, knock out heels, they are pretty awesome. This picture doesn’t really do them justice, J.Lau has a pair that really makes me wish we had the same sized feet (stupid size ten feet). They do have the nude shoe and, wood sole going for them and you can buy them online. oh, and they look awesome.

and wow. I totally got off topic. Artsy shoes are hot. More of them please.

Note to readers: AllyG is currently hitting her head against her keyboard trying to complete 1,678, 809 tasks. Please be advised that she will be commenting on the shoes as art post as soon as she resembles a human again, and not an over-tired, cranky, unbalanced pregnant lady. This could take hours. Need a visual? It’s sort of like this:


L-A: Oh poor dear! And I don’t meant that in a patronizing way (seriously, this is what my family says when we are so sick we feel like we might die from a head cold).  crazy enough to shave your head and break umbrellas, eh? You need cheering up. First,  shoe art that I forgot to include in this post:


This is actual art, as opposed to crazy runway. If it was for a runway show, it would probably involve more satin.

But what will really make your day, and is totally off the topic of shoes, it has been reported that Bar Rafeali was spotted “canoodling” with this fellow at a Britney concert (yes, some media outlets still insist on using the word “canoodle”):


Yep. She went from this:

DiCaprio, Leonardo

to that. Nice work Bar.

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