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With these clothes? Who needs a husband?

July 14, 2009

AllyG: Perhaps you are just clueing in to the fact that I adore crap tv. I mean the REAL crap tv. I want the following:

  • Big Brother (haven’t missed a season. Seriously. There will be posts about this season. Wait for them)
  • Paris Hilton’s New Best Friend
  • The Hills
  • Flavour of Love ( I heart this show. Why is there no more? Why?)

I have a special place in my heart for the Bachelorette. The sweet smell of desperation always lures me in, and this year’s Bachelorette, Jillian, is particulary desperate fabulous. Let’s just say her taste in clothes is a lot better than her taste in the opposite sex. I mean, Wes? Seriously? WES? WTF? She finally got rid of him last week about four weeks after I got rid of any sense of respect for her.

He gives Country Music a bad name. Also, does everyone now agree that lighting can make or break your facial appearance? All the makeup in the world can only help you out so much when you are dealing with the lighting Jillian’s got going on during that dinner date with Wes. Wowza. Remember the Seinfeld lighting episode? “Two Faced” lady?

Sorry, had to post that. Anyway, Jilly knows how to dress her age. My gal pal Jo wrote to me the other day wondering why we had not earlier talked about the great Jillian Harris. After all, Jo stated, Jillian is a fashionable, adorable Canadian on trashy reality TV and at nearly 30 can seriously rock a romper. True that. Jo enlightened me to the fact that there are several blogs out there that are devoted to the styles of Jillian Harris. I love how ladies are going ape shit over the denim romper. It’s AWESOME.


Girl’s got legs for days. I’ll give her that much. And remember what we learned about nude shoes! They make your legs longer! Those are nude, right? Not yellow? Whatever. Nude = long legs. Remember it. [L-A edit: apparently the shoes are yellow. But if you’re going for this look, listen to Ally and not Jillian. Go for the nude shoe.]

Apparently the romper comes from Forever 21. Go ahead and buy one. I won’t stop you (But L-A probably will).

Jilly can also work a white shirt. Not quite in the Aniston league, but for sure moving past Gwyneth. Yes, you heard me L-A. Yes.


And Jillian whilst sailing. I love this one.


Sort of Katy Perry like, non?

Katy Perry

I don’t care what anyone says. If I had legs like these girls I would wear short-shorts everyday. I would have worn short-shorts to my wedding.

You know who shouldn’t wear short-shorts? Mischa.


That photo never gets old. Never.

I should move along and let L-A fix this post before I fall asleep head first on my laptop. The 2-3 hours of sleep a night is not doing me (or my skin) justice.

L-A: Oh Mischa. I actually think she’s adorable, but not when her legs look like stumps cut off at the ankle. I don’t even know what she was thinking when she pulled that outfit together. I think Stacey and Clinton did a collective shudder when they saw that one.

But Mischa isn’t today’s post. Today we talk about Bachelorette Jillian and I must confess: I have never actually watched an episode of the Bachelorette. And not just with Jillian as the lucky lady. If you count up all the time I’ve spent watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette, you maybe get enough to make a full episode. And that’s mostly made up of the most recent Bachelor Jason (I think that was his name…Yes, Jason’s the name alright. The one who caused an uproar when he dumped his first choice fiancée. I had no idea there were nine Bachelors before him!).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging. I’ve got my trashy “reality” TV guilty pleasures. I’ve been known to enjoy The Hills on more than one occasion, so, you know: glass houses, stones, etc… I’m not throwing any.

So my absolute ignorance about this show means that I had no idea that Jillian was Canadian, adorable, well dressed, or the subject of a blog (let alone multiple blogs!). Since I don’t watch the show, I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to address the subject of Jillian:


While she appears to be adorable in most screen shots, there are far too many of her looking like she’s a contender for Miss America.What is up with that pageant hair? (did google “pageant hair”? Why yes, yes I did.) Seriously. Check out this actual pageant headshot:


The makeup! The hair! And I’m talking about Jillian, not the pageant contestant. Not that you can tell the difference.

What I do like about Jillian is her mixing high and low in her wardrobe. According to these Jillian blogs, the girl has done everything from this adorable Alice+Olivia dress (originally retailed on for $495) that she wore when she looked sad at a cocktail party:


to this Mandalay sequin bra dress (originally retailed at Neiman Marcus for $1160), which Jillian wore “in the vault” (what does that even mean???):


to the Forever 21 denim romper that has made women go crazy (ladies! please don’t! unless you have Jilly’s legs, do not go there) or a bikini from Target (which is selling for $15):

jillian_bluetop xhilarationstripeswimwear_target

The other thing I like about Jillian’s style is that she is all over wearing clothes from Canadian retailer Aritzia. Sure it’s a chain of stores in Canada and the US, but it’s a small one and it’s Canadian and considering that she could have approached any retailer about outfitting her, it’s great that she’s promoting her favourite store from Vancouver. It helps that I really like Aritzia’s style. Can we get one in downtown Halifax? Seriously. Check this outfit out:


So cute. Loves it.

And just when I think I can’t like her anymore, for mixing high + low and for shopping Canadian, she goes and wears handmade jewelry from an Etsy seller:


Just for buying handmade, I will forgive the pageant hair. And I will forgive Ally for saying she wears a white shirt better than Gwenyth, because the girl does not (although, she did look good in it).

AllyG: Hmm, I must have missed the “vault” episode. You know what I didn’t miss? last night’s episode. Legendary. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. For the first time in Bachelor/Bachelorette history, they addressed the issue of a gentleman unable to “perform” during an overnight in the “fantasy suite”. It was so humiliating for him. I had embarrassment cringes through the duration of the episode. Anyways, she kept Ed around and blamed it on the “pressure” of the situation. Sadly, she kicked Reid to the curb. The most honest of the bunch. She got rid of him because he didn’t profess his love at the week six mark. Le sigh. Goodbye Reid. She hardly knew ya, seriously, she hardly knew ya.


DISCLAIMER: Both L-A and I are up to our eyeballs in “real” work this week so I apologize for any spelling errors. I am writing these posts with one eye open and the other sound asleep and L-A is knocking her posts off while polishing off a bottle of gin after a long, long day preparing for an EXCITING EVENT that we will SOON BE ABLE TO TALK ABOUT. L-A rocks. Seriously. I love her so much I am going to dedicate my current favourite Britney song to her. The one where Brit has borrowed my favourite pair of Louboutins.

Also, this week we will feature another guest blogger! The infamous Jo will be making an appearance!

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  1. July 14, 2009 4:45 pm

    Thanks for the Jillian post!!!

    And L-A, I agree – LOVE the mixing of high + low. Isn’t that what style is all about? And Canadian retail and Etsy supporting? Go Jillian!

    Apparently, the website Seenon! coined the term “rompergate” to describe the frenzy over the denim romper, and another Jillian-obsessed blog, Possessionista, says she’s the queen of the adult onesies. Ah hahah.

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