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Thursday Quickie

July 2, 2009

AllyG: We do have a fabulous post coming up for you. L-A is frantically adding her deep thoughts whilst sweeping the sweat off her brow. In the meantime, can I introduce you to the hottest new shoes on the block?

Aldo Studded Sandals

I came across these babes while reading Elle’s fashion blog . They are fantastic paired with cuffed jeans (note that they are not jean leggings). These studded sandals can be found at Aldo Shoes. I see on their website that they have a 70 per cent off sale. Run, don’t walk ladies. Which reminds me of this fabulous video.

L-A: I’m not usually a fan of the strap around the ankle – I feel like it stumpifies my legs, but those are pretty cute. The video reminded me of one of my most favourite poems ever. Originally published in Maisonneuve magazine, it is no longer on their site and that makes me sad (it also made it harder to find). Anyway, here is you culture for today:

If Paris Hilton Wrote Poetry

by Janis Butler Holm

Cute Shoes.

Shoes. Shoes.
Me. Me.

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