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The Pretty Princess Birthday Post

June 26, 2009

L-A: As you may know, it is Friday and that means two things:

1. it is time for our Favourite Fridays

2. Ally has left me alone with the blog because she is off to Digby to celebrate her birthday in style with some Frenchy’s shopping. And, I hope, a pasta dinner and some cake.

While Ally feared I would go crazy with the power of having the blog to myself, just the opposite is true. Because it’s her birthday, and I am a HUGE fan of birthdays, today’s Favourite Fridays is dedicated to Things That Ally Loves (whether or not I do). And I’ve thrown in a few other internetty gems, just for luck.

So, let’s get this started with this little diddy from 1993:

early 90s fashions have not aged well. There really was no reason for that one except to amuse Ally. But come on, you know you enjoyed it.  Next up, and I’ve got to tell you, my poor macbook is confused by the sudden influx of singers Ally enjoys, is Kelly Clarkson (first time my speakers have ever played Kelly is tonight. for reals):

It’s true. Our lives would suck without Ally.

I was going to link to the real video, but for some reason, famous musicians do not want you to embed their videos onto blogs. I do not get it. This is promotion people. How can I convince the world that they should love Kelly Clarkson if I can’t share with them a decent video? Instead, you get a performance from the National Lottery HQ (no, I don’t get it either…was it a fundraiser?). Also unfortunate, I can’t really talk about Kelly’s style. I’m not really finding anything positive to say about her sytle sense and since it’s Ally’s b-day, we’re not going to trash Kelly. Instead, we’re going to look at Sienna Miller! Yay! Here she is hanging out with fashion photography legend Mario Testino at some Important Celebrity Event (you don’t really care which one):

Sienna Miller and Mario Testino

She looks, for the most part, lovely. [edit: actually, after closer inspection, I decided that her top and jacket are competing with one another. On their own, they’d be great, but together it’s a bit much for me.] Except for her questionable choice of shoes:


No, I don’t understand them either. But should you really love Sienna’s look and you don’t want to spend $2195 on the clutch alone, then check out Who What Wear, as they break down Sienna’s look into something comparable at a much better price (like a clutch that was not made out of reptiles for $20 from Aldo. There is no love lost between me and most reptiles, bu my real problem with snakeskin – real or fake – is that it creeps me out almost as much as a real snake would).

So, we’ve covered Kelly Clarkson and Sienna Miller, what else can we offer Ally on her bday? How about some…ugh…Country. That is how much I love Ally. I am volunteering country music videos.  Here’s some Keith Urban, who I almost like because he lets me embed his videos (unlike some singers *cough* I’m looking at you Ms. Clarkson):

And because Ally loves her celebrity gossip, how about a bit of Perez Hilton on the subject of (this one is totally safe for work. I promise this video is worth watching):

oh yes. You can watch the full (completely NSFW) Perez video (he swears like a sailor and says some mean things) on his site, but whatever.

And I think I’ll wrap this up because I need to go to sleep. So here’s a final birthday note for Ally:


Kate looks stunning in that dress and Leo looks like his usual hot self. And as a birthday bonus, Perez says he’s currently “off again” with Bar Refael.  I still think that Kate and Leo are MFEO.

Y’all enjoy your weekend and a big happy birthday to the bestest blogging friend ever!



4 Comments leave one →
  1. AllyG permalink
    June 26, 2009 7:13 am

    YAY! This is the best birthday ever. I got up early to check the blog and everything! Like Christmas!

  2. L-A permalink*
    June 26, 2009 7:49 am

    If you think this is fun, just wait until I get out my Christmas sweaters!! I’m kidding. I wouldn’t own a Christmas sweater.

    Happy Birthday!

    p.s. I’ve had a Kelly Clarkson song stuck in my head since last night.

  3. allygarbs permalink*
    June 29, 2009 8:59 am

    incidentally, that is also my FAVOURITE KEITH URBAN SONG RIGHT NOW!

  4. L-A permalink*
    June 29, 2009 9:15 am

    YESSS! Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing when I was looking for those videos. I was all, “is this a new song? is it actually a good song? I do not know!”

    Perez/Keyboard cat is the best of all the videos for me. Also, le husband’s face as he watched the Sister Act video and threatened to report a copyright violation so that it could be taken off the internets for good. He couldn’t appreciate it because he had NEVER HEARD of Sister Act.

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