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More Moda!

June 16, 2009

AllyG: Scroll down for our first post on Moda by Ozlem

Well, the designer sent some pics through last evening as well and provided access for the website photos. I’m giddy because this means I get to share with you the fantastic t-shirt necklaces I was talking about.


Killer, right? It just adds instant style to whatever you are wearing.


This design brings tears to my eyes it is so ridiculously beautiful…(note to husband if he is reading this: This should be taken as a hint…birthday is next Friday…).

Ok, and also? Beyonce wearing the earrings on vacation…


I never thought of pairing these earrings with my yacht before, it’s a perfectly fabulous idea, non? Ahoy.

L-A: Oui, c’est definitely fabulous! I really enjoy her necklaces. I’m not an earrings girl, but I would totally love to rock those necklaces with a crisp white shirt.  Or in one of my more casual yachting outfits. Next time Jay-Z calls, I will be properly accessorized.  But in all seriousness, Ozlem has some solid talent.


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