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Favourite Fridays: Person, Place, Thing

May 29, 2009

L-A: Happy Friday! I’m not sure what Ally has up her sleeves as a favourite for Friday, but I’m going to offer you a favourite person, place and thing. Partly because I like a bit of structure and partly because I always think I can do better than the Globe and Mail’s Maggie Wrobel and her Person/Place/Thing column. (Seriously. Ally has covered the topic of Carine so much better and did so ages before it made the Globe!).

Person: Right now, I’m loving Mindy Kaling.  Who is Mindy Kaling? You probably know her best as Kelly Kapoor:


This is not actually that odd a choice.  I’ve been following Mindy Kaling on Twitter lately and the girl is hilarious, which is probably why she is a writer for The Office.  But I choose her not just because she is funny, but because she has her own fashion blog: Things I bought that I love.

The gist of the blog is that she tells you what she’s purchased, where she purchased it, how much it cost, and why she loves it.  And Mindy doesn’t get all fancy expensive Hollywood on you either. Sure she suggests dresses that cost over $200, but really, if the dress looks good, you’ll get a lot of wear out of it and you happen to have an extra $200, I say go for it! I don’t buy $200 dresses, but that’s only because my current employment/student limbo has me making choices between name brand and no name crackers (hmmm…save .65 cents? I’ll take the no name!) as opposed to whether I should buy the expensive dress or not.  Besides, I’m all about quality kids. One quality dress in the hand is worth twenty poor quality dresses in the bush.  Mindy does talk value though.  In her post on summer tees, Mindy gives you the straight talk: machine washable, affordable (because they’ll all look like trash by summer’s end), and if you want designer, wait until it is deeply discounted.

Anyway, funny + fashion = awesome.  Thank you Mindy Kaling, you are the Favourite Friday Person of the Week!

Place: The Street.


Yes, the street. The street is your ultimate runway show. Get yourself to a window seat at your favourite coffee shop and watch the catwalk that is the street.  Of course, there will probably be more misses than hits, but when you get a hit, it’s like, “hot damn! where did she get that outfit?”  And in keeping with the idea of street style, I give you Streetstyle Aesthetic by British photographer Wayne Tippetts:


Sometimes he catches a random stylish someone on their lunchbreak, sometimes he interviews designers. Either way, I like his stuff. Sure, the Sartorialist probably did it first, does this internationally, maybe even does it better, but that’s okay. There is so much bad style out there, that we need photographers capturing the good style for us to appreciate. Otherwise, good outfits might be wasted on the unobservant or unappreciative (to avoid such a thing, my girl J.Lau actually phoned me last Friday to describe her outfit, lest there be no one to appreciate it).

Speaking of bad style, that brings us to…the Thing:

A new season of What Not to Wear starts tonight & our fashion victim is none other than Blossom/Mayim Bialik. Woah!

You are excited, non?

And while we’re talking What Not to Wear, I need to address the part of that video where we see people cringing over the cost of clothing. It’s called quality people. If they hadn’t spent years filling their closets with ill-fitting, often poorly made, crap, then they wouldn’t need to spend so much money all at once.  It’s all about investment pieces bought over time. It’s okay to spend money on your clothes. Whether you like it or not, your clothes do say a lot about you, so make the statement count.  And when you want something cute and trendy and possibly out of style before you even get it home? Go cheap, go poorly made. It doesn’t matter. Even Tim Gunn agrees with me on such matters:


See? This $895 plastic Oscar de la Renta bag is practicaly giving poor Tim an anyeurism.

And one last thing, because I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t share with you that today, May 29, is Wear a Gown to Work Day. I think I might dig this Valentino number out of the closet for work tomorrow:


AllyG: Yay! Favorite Friday! Although I am down for several reasons today:

  1. The lady at McDonalds burnt my egg mcmuffin (Yes, every Friday I get an egg mcmuffin. Do you want to comment on this?)
  2. My maternity jeans are making my legs look like denim sausages. I’m tempted to eat them as I have been craving sausages like mad these days.

I’m still upset about yesterday’s outfit. You know when you carefully plan an outfit out the night before? I totally do that. I had planned a cute little number that included my grey capris with my black boots. Fabulous, right? Not so fabulous, non. My maternity capris were too short for my boots. I looked like I was wearing Lederhosen:

For reals.

I personally CAN NOT WAIT for Blossom on What Not to Wear tonight. That’s like a whole bowl full of M&Ms with a Root Beer exciting!

On to my favorite things (which do not include lederhosen). This week I want to highlight one of my favorite movies. Have you all seen Clockwatchers?

You have to see Clockwatchers. This weekend. Rent it. I went through a Parker Posey phase for awhile where I rented her movies non-stop (I told you I do things like this obsessively). This one had me cracking up for the entire duration. And I don’t laugh out loud at things. I never once laughed out loud at Seinfeld. I laughed out loud at Clockwaters.

My favorite person this week is Ruthie Foster. Her take on the song, Woke up this morning is chilling. She sings it in honour of Odetta, the beautiful and brilliant artist and human rights activist who was oft referred to as the “voice of the civil rights movement”. I think this song is particularly fitting for everyone out there determined to continue fighting Prop 8 in California 

I’d say that you should all send in your favorite friday things but since you all sucked at commenting on the last Friday post when I SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR FEEDBACK I’ll just leave that part out.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 29, 2009 12:04 pm

    I never, ever, EVER tire of watching Will & Grace re-runs, and among my favourite episodes are those featuring Parker Posey as Barney’s floor manager, Dorleen. Priceless.

  2. allygarbs permalink*
    May 29, 2009 12:05 pm

    I totally remember that! Sigh. I miss Will and Grace.

  3. L-A permalink*
    May 29, 2009 12:08 pm

    Parker Posey as Dorleen was fantastic. I am a huge Parker Posey fan. My favourite movie of hers is still House of Yes, where she plays Jackie O/crazy and dresses like the real Jackie O for the movie.

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