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Smile with your eyes

May 28, 2009

L-A: Bonjour! Ally has pregnancy classes tonight and left me alone to do the blog today (although I owe her big for carrying the blog for three weeks while I was vacationing/dying).

I could go crazy with the possibilities, but I’ll restrain myself. I’m restraining myself because it occured to me that a Canadian fashion blog should probably give a little nod to the fact that the most recent cycle of Canada’s Next Top Model started on Tuesday night. How excited are we for eight weeks of Jay Manual?


I’m not sure what is going on in this photo, which is the cover of the summer issue of Fashion.  From the looks of things, if this is their best shot, then these girls definitely need work. Some of them aren’t even looking at the camera. Even I know that much (I also know that you need to look fierce and smile with your eyes).

I’m not loving the outfits chosen for this shoot either. It’s awesome that they chose Greta Constantine (Project Runway Canada alum Stephen Wong’s line) for the dresses, but I’m already over the gladiator look. I know, I know. This summer is supposedly all about the gladiator sandal, but as I’m not in the business of slaying lions in a coliseum, then I’ll pass on the gladiator uniform. I will also pass on any dress that proposes to look like a toga.

Anyway, I missed the first half of the episode, but I did tune in just in time to catch some Nigel Barker hotness. Sadly, he was in a survival suit out on an ice floe somewhere nearish PEI:


Again, a model fails to look at the camera. Ladies: you are trying to get into the business of modeling. Look at the camera once in awhile. A beautiful moment was when these three girls (one being the challenge winner) sent a video back to the other girls and told them they were on a lake in PEI and there were baby seals. Oh honey. It’s true, there were baby seals, but you were actually 100km off the coast of PEI.  These three may not be the shiniest coins in the Top Model fountain. They seemed a bit oblivious to the fact that the other girls might be a bit jealous that their challenge prize also included getting a special room in the house with a private bathroom and way better gift packs than the others. The producers clearly know how to stir up the drama.

Our first model to be voted off the island was 23 year old Tiffany of Toronto:


I thought she had a better picture than some of the other girls, but I guess she didn’t bring it enough to make up for the fact that she is 23, a mom, and just getting started in the fashion biz.  Her exit interview is on Fashion’s CNTM blog.  Another girl, it doesn’t really matter who, had already quit before I turned on my tv.

I’d leave it at that, but there was an exciting spoiler from the world of Project Runway today: sneak peeks at designs of the final three! It isn’t hard to see who wins. [you may want to stop reading now, just in case you want  it to be a surprise…although, I know I’ll probably forget which it is while I wait for Harvey Weinstein to finish negotiating between Lifetime and Bravo].

because there was a spoiler, I decided to add a cut to this post. Here’s your three finalists:




Actually, I’m not going to tell you who wins. I’ll let you guess (or go look it up for yourself…I’ve given you the link already) and we’ll give you the answer tomorrow (or later today). A hint: one of the non-winning collections was described as “blah”. We’ll see if we can rustle up a prize for the winner…but don’t expect much. We are a blog of limited means. You may just win our love or a used pen found in a desk drawer.

Frankly, none of these designs whips me into a frenzy.  I’ll still watch when it finally makes it to air, but that’s because I love Tim Gunn, Heidi, and Michael Kors.

AllyG: Once again, I woke up feeling like Tara Reid on a good day. In other words, already defeated by the cruel, cold world. Reading this post gave me the breath of fresh snark I needed to carry on. First off, thanks to L-A for taking the lead while I was at “pregnancy classes”.  Inevitably, I spend the majority of those classes judging others and trying to mentally will the ladies to stop methodically rubbing their stomachs non-stop. Seriously, one lady did not stop the rubbing the entire class. I thought her skin was going to start falling off. Why do women do that?? Have I posted this video yet? Here comes the hate mail (NOTE: I am dying for our first piece of hate mail!)!

Anyhoo. I too watched Canada’s First Top Model. Our girl Heather from Hali won the first contest! Perhaps they could have touched up her roots as prize (I’m sure they do that in the makeover show).

Also, on an aside (I’m rushing here) we have a Nigel Barker look alike in our office. I kid you not.

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  1. May 28, 2009 9:44 am

    Re: survivial suit pic

    If I was standing beside Nigel Barker, I would not be looking at the camera either…

  2. stacey permalink
    May 28, 2009 10:19 am

    loving the song

  3. Christine permalink
    May 28, 2009 10:36 am

    Another classic CNTM moment: when Heather (chick from Halifax) fell on her ass while strutting up to be judged. Way to walk the runway girl!

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