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Tuesday I’m in Love: Marc Jacobs

May 26, 2009

L-A: I found this great editoral shoot from Harper’s Bazaar, but it was from S/S 2008, so I’ve been trying to find a way to make it slightly more relevant. I haven’t really, except that it pokes fun at the lateness of Marc Jacobs‘ shows and that I was recently in a Marc Jacobs store. A bit of a stretch, I know, but what the hell.  So, from my travels:


Behold! The Marc Jacobs store on Melrose Place. Melrose Place, btw, did not look much like the TV show (which is being remade by the CW…no joke). If my mom hadn’t kicked my husband and broke her toe (also not a joke), I would have visited more pretty stores and reported back to you…alas, this was not to be. We did go to both the more affordable Marc by Marc Jacobs and the clothes-costs-more-than-my-rent-Marc Jacobs collection store (see above).  I told my mom she wasn’t allowed to look at price tags in collection store, mostly to prevent any major sticker shock (my mom doesn’t shop retail. ever. and if she did, it would have to be deeply discounted).  There were some lovely dresses, I enjoyed a blouse with a big tie up bow at the neck and there was a fantastic pink bag that made me want to find a crossroads to sell my soul. My mom thought there were homeless guys in the store…turns out they were sales dudes dressed in items from Marc Jacobs. oops. (she didn’t mention this until after we left the store…I must admit, I wasn’t sure about one of them). This wouldn’t normally be worth mentioning, except this was a store with security on a street full of stores with security and valet parking.

I didn’t even entertain buying any of the above. I did, however, buy cute tote bags across the street – because I am addicted to tote bags:


this one is quite large and particularly ridiculous, but I love it. and it was $18! score!

monocle2I also got this adorable monocle necklace. It actually works as a cute little magnifying glass! Now I can look good while burning ants in the yard (I’m kidding!).

Anyway, moving along to that Harper’s Bazaar spread, shot by Peter Lindbergh.  What really made me love it was this photo:


The photo caption is, “OMG, frock crisis. Someone is so fired.” (the frock, in case you were wondering, is Burberry Prorsum). I loved it because it’s designers and supermodels having fun at their own expense, which makes it different from ye olde editorial spreade.  And who doesn’t love to see 90s Supermodels still looking hott.  Forget about the bag, I’ll head up to the crossroads to ask about looking half as good as some of these supermodels when I’m their age.

But I should go to bed now, as my cat is looking at me all, “what are you doing up so late?” and seriously, you try explaining a blog to a not particulalry bright cat (she’s pretty, but stupid).

AllyG: Well, I am taking this post up first thing in the a.m. and let me tell you, it is far from a “beautiful day!!”. I forgot change for the stupid parking lot and now I’m for sure going to get a ticket. My email is on strike and my hair looks like Amy Winehouse’s after a particularly hardy binge.

Marc Jacobs. I like Marc. I like how Marc is besties with a lot of Hollywood’s elite. You know he has like, the best gossip ever. For example, he’s good pals with Winona. As in Ryder. I wonder if he bailed her out after the shopping scandal! Did he bring her designer duds? I do not know the answers to these questions, but I do know I love the Marc Jacobs ad she was in. Behold:


I know, right? Love. He’s also buddies with Posh Spice, and incidentally she was also in one of his ad campaigns. This is actually one of my favorite ads ever:


He’s also used Daisy Lowe in some of his ads. You know Daisy Lowe, yes?


Daisy is the daughter of Gavin Rossdale (Gwen’s hubbie). She also dated Mark Ronson for a stint (can you imagine the double dates they had with Sam and Lilo? Now THAT I would like to get in on).

Marc sells cool and a little bit of the unattainable. You want to wear what Posh is wearing. Desperately. Yet, it’s out of your spending limit. Unless you use a five finger discount (cough W7567in6768ona cough).

L-A: Oooh! I love those Posh Spice ads. In fact, I love the entire campaign of ads shot by Juergen Teller. They’re so great that I want to rip them out of the magazine and frame them. Of course, this is what Marc Jacobs wants.  As Ally said, he sells cool and he does it well.  He does have some items you can afford, but only in his stores and there are only nine of those in the States.  I could totally take my tote bags and sell them on ebay for at least double what I paid for them (seriously. I just checked and they’re some of the more reasonably priced auctions).  I really had to check myself before buying my ridiculous tote: was I buying it because I liked it or because I was in a Marc Jacobs store and I can afford it? I almost left it, but decided I actually did enjoy the bag enough to own it.  But Marc has that power of “oooh! Isn’t that cool! Must have it!” over much of the fashion world and its disciples.

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