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Wintour of our Discontent

May 25, 2009

L-A: Bonjour! I’m almost back from the dead and so I feel a need to roll with the puns. Since I’m still getting back on my feet, I felt like I’d take it easy with a post about American Vogue‘s Anna Wintour, particularly as Ally has recently parlez-vous’ed about the editor of French Vogue.  Also because she is the queen of the oversized sunglasses (see this past Friday for more on our love of those) and a bit of a fashion hero of mine. Here’s a 60 Minutes interview with Anna that I found via the ideeli blog while I was lying around the house dying:

In the interview, Morely Safer asks Anna about her rumoured bitchiness. It’s interesting that she should have to defend whether or not she is a bitch. Frankly, as long as she keeps putting out a Vogue that I’m interested in picking up, then I don’t care whether she is or not. Hells, if being a bitch gets you to be the head of Vogue, then bitch on sister, bitch on! (I believe Tina Fey said it best when she said, “Bitches get things done”).

Anna also gives some insight as to why she always wears the oversized sunglasses: so you don’t know if she’s bored or excited by your show. Excellent advice. I think I may start wearing mine at all times. That way no one will know if I’ve fallen asleep or not in a meeting or on the bus.


I really adore her bob and that she has clearly been working (and working it well) for so many years. While she’s frigging intimidating with those glasses on, she’s kind of adorable with them off. Having said this, I’ve never had to face her in a meeting. she probably is terrifying if you have to meet her in her office. Can you imagine being one of the women in this video and having to justify your decisions to Anna?

(an aside: who else is excited to see The September Issue? How can we get this in Halifax?)

Note from AllyG: Not sure if this is the correct video. Go to this link to see what we’re talking about.

It’s rumoured that Anna has a $20k clothing budget from Vogue. Which, yes, sounds highly excessive, but she is the editor of Vogue. If she doesn’t look good, then Vogue doesn’t look good. And for the most part, Anna looks impeccable. Although, I do question her choice for this year’s Costume Institute Gala:


It’s not as questionable as last year’s dress, but it’s also nothing spectacular. What really gets me is the shoulders. First of all, I am not a fan of the return of the linebacker shoulders. Secondly (and more specifically), and I’m not sure you can see it in this particular photo, but it looks like she is standing behind a cardboard cutout of a dress for a photo op (you know, like those cheesy tourist things where you stick your head through a hole and you end up with a picture of yourself as a fisherman or a butterfly that you probably won’t show people, but can’t help stopping and having your pic taken). I feel like this is the one event where her outfit doesn’t quite hit the mark. Despite this, I’m still a fan. Which is why I think I need to own a set of these Save Anna! paintings by Christopher Lee Sauvé:


p.s. if the videos do not work, here are links. Forget calling Anna a bitch, Flash is the real bitch:

AllyG: A couple comments before I jet off to a meeting:

  • THANK HEAVENS L-A IS BACK. The blog is finally getting thoughtful articles
  • I totally heart Andre Leon Talley
  • I need to wear sunglasses all the time to hide my “Did you seriously just say that?” face.
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