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More Favorite Fridays!

May 22, 2009

AllyG: One of my girls who reads the blog sent in HER Favorite Friday item. I thought I’d share because I’m lazy and she’s an awesome writer! Jo also guest blogged while L-A was in Cali’.

Jo-Ann: My favourite person today is Alexa Chung . I have no idea why…Maybe it’s ’cause she’s adorable. Maybe it’s the whole Brit It girl comes to America story. But it might just be that her look is soooo effortless (but would be lots of work for me, if not impossible)…observe how she rocks the biker jacket whilst looking effortlessly chic:

alexa chungalexa chung

Word has it she is looking for a new BFF in New York. I think she is lovely and would love to hang out with us. I think I will invite her to your baby shower. I think she will wear le jacket with some other fabulous outfit.

Suddenly, I Want My MTV

April 28, 2009  5:58 pm

The rumors of Brit It girl Alexa Chung’s move across the pond have just been confirmed by MTV. The fashion maven (she sat front-row at Louis Vuitton this season) and TV presenter will be starring in The Alexa Chung Show, an hour-long variety show that replaces the now defunct TRL. Will her penchant for apron dresses, thigh-high stockings, and brogues translate to American audiences? Hard to say, but we’ll definitely be tuning into the channel for the first time in about a decade.

AllyG: See? I love Favorite Friday posts!! Send me your Favorite Friday items and I’ll be sure to share (if I like them. If I think they suck they will be ignored. Kidding. Not really).

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