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Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Bass?

May 19, 2009

L-A: Okay, so it is no secret that we (I) am a huge fan of Gossip Girl and the ever sexy Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick. As I was puttering about online the other night, I came across the tumblr site FuckYeahEdWestwick and the following picture:


My immediate reaction was something like: “Holy Hannah! Is that Ed Westwick with 1990s supermodel Helena Christensen??”  I googled and sure enough, it is! The above photo is a part of a photo spread called “The Gossip Graduate“, shot by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar.  Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick smolders a bit too much to be Ben Braddock/Dustin Hoffman, but it’s still a great spread full of beautiful clothes on beautiful people. I mean, seriously. Check it out:


I can’t decide who’s trying to seduce who.

(an aside: Ally, did you know that Christensen co-founded Nylon? I had no idea. I had to dig around to find a source better than Wikipedia, but it appears to be true.)

AllyG: First off, welcome back, L-A. That was the longest two weeks ever (more for our readers than for myself). Secondly, I feel like we are soulmates in fashion BECAUSE I read just this morning that Helen Christensen co-founded Nylon mag. I was reading the spread about models in Elle Canada’s latest issue. Now, I adore Nylon, but I am starting to feel too old to read it. Am I too old?

What is it about Ed Westwick that makes grown women lose all sensibility? Did you see the finale episode? Lost it. My favorite line from the entire season was uttered by Blair last evening:

“How do you feel…about my headband..?”

Classic. It might replace, “I like my horse”.

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