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Outlet shopping triumph

May 13, 2009

L-A: Greetings from Vacationland! Before I head off to bed, I thought I’d make a quick post (although Ally is doing fabulously!).

See this dress by Diane von Furstenberg:


Picture it in a dark teal. Awesome, non?

Now picture it costing $102 instead of $410. If it fit you perfectly and you looked awesome in it, you’d think you had a damn good deal, n’est pas?

Well, that was the situation on Monday afternoon when I was out doing some outlet shopping with my mom. Except awesomer than could be expected because the final price was $55! I think the salesgirl mentioned something about it being a “Final Sale”, but whatever, it’s not like that dress is going anywhere other than on my back. I’ve paid more for lesser dresses.  If the salesgirl hadn’t put it in a bag and told me to have a nice day, I think that I was stealing it.

Outlet shopping can be really hit or miss. Some days, the deals just aren’t there. Others, you are rewarded for trekking through stores until your feet ache and all you want to do is have a nap.  Fortunatley, there is a way to do outlets from the comfort of your own couch. This is particularly important for those of us who don’t actually live near an outlet (or are lucky enough to have their parents move to California).


I can’t believe we haven’t mentioned before now. We have been remiss as fashion bloggers and fans of net-a-porter. I can’t promise they’ll sell you a DVF dress for as little as $55, but you will find some deals there.

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  1. allygarbs permalink*
    May 13, 2009 8:00 am

    I MISS YOU!!! We need photos of you in the dress.

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