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You say goodbye…and I say hello…

May 12, 2009

AllyG: I’m going to digress before even beginning my fashion diatribe. I am so in love with the new Air Canada commercial that I felt a very strong need to share it with you all. Have you seen these ads? Something about the music, the imagery…I don’t know. It does it for me. Everything about airports and flying thrills me – it’s the freedom of escaping, or going somewhere where absolutely no one knows you and imagining how your life would pan out there. This ad takes me to that mindset.

I think this is also why I love looking at blogs like The Sartorialist. For example, this photo taken in Paris brings me much joy:

I love the casual, thrown together fashion of Paris. It’s so instinctual (or appears to be).

I also love Facehunter for the same reasons. The best is when they feature looks from London:


Why couldn’t I have been this effortlessly cool when I was in my twenties? I actually lay my clothes out the night before in order to get my (expanding) arse out the door in time. I totally envy the women who can throw something together and look fantastic in less than five minutes.

Really though, these are two of the websites I go to first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee (decaf…sucky sucky). It brings me peace of mind and gets my imagination going. I also obsessively have the aerial view of New York playing on my computer in the background. Yah. I’m not kidding. I blame my friend Martin who sent me the link. Check out Martin’s blog  by the way It’s nothing short of awesome.

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  1. May 12, 2009 10:14 pm

    Re. Air Canada ad
    I snicker at that one every time I see it, which is often when you watch six hours of hockey a day. So does Rhia.
    Check out the couple on the coffee date 13 seconds in. She’s saying, “So after this, how ’bout some (draws giant erect penis in mid-air)?”
    I’ll admit I sing that song when I go for a pee break.

  2. allygarbs permalink*
    May 13, 2009 8:01 am

    YOU HAVE RUINED ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOMENTS IN THE COMMERCIAL. Although, I am chuckling thinking about you singing the song whilst taking care of business.

  3. May 13, 2009 8:55 am

    i can out perform that voice-over guy… damn you toronto!

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