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Why I am thankful that my friends care about hats

May 11, 2009

AllyG: So, I don’t think it is any surprise that I miss L-A like crazy. HOW DO PEOPLE WRITE BLOGS ON THEIR OWN??!! One of my girls realized I was flailing (that’s flailing, not FAILING) and sent a life saving email. Jo wanted to know my thoughts on hats. Here is what she writes:

Jo: I am looking to your blog for guidance on the recent appearance of head-wear…part hat, part headband … with feathers, flowers, birds??? What do we think of these? I am sometimes horrified by them, I sometimes love them, and ultimately, would be scared to wear them.  


Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the City, Vivienne Westwood

AllyG: Agreed. This is horror. On an aside, did we like ANY PART of Carrie’s wedding outfit? I prefered almost all of the outfits she tried on for the Vogue shoot over this number. ESPECIALLY the Christian LaCroix with the pearls…Beautiful

back to hats…

Jo: Strangely adorable, but scary to wear:    



AllyG: I saw headgear like this at Biscuit the other day! I literally stood over the choices wondering if I could pull it off. I mean, could I waltz into work wearing this? Blair Waldorf does the flower headband/hat very well:


Or maybe it’s just good for weddings on the Upper East Side.

Jo: And the slightly different, more hippy look at Diane Von Furstenberg spring 09 show:  

Diane Von Furstenberg Runway - Spring 09 MBFW    

I love, I hate…I just don’t know…

AllyG: Yah, I’m with you Jo. These things look absolutely stunning on models…on the runway…but besides the Coachella Festival, I can’t imagine where you would wear the DVF number. Like, I couldn’t throw that on to visit my in-laws in Bridgewater. I will however endeavor to wear a flower headband/hat to my next wedding. Not MY next wedding to clarify, but the next wedding I attend. I will report back on the glares/stares I receive.

Thanks for your help, Jo!

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  1. Lauren permalink
    May 11, 2009 2:46 pm

    Whitney Port was nice enough to show us how the DVF headband doesn’t really work off the runway:

  2. May 11, 2009 3:18 pm

    Ally, I am so completely honoured that you not only used my e-mail as a blog topic, but included my comments! Ridic…

    Agree with potential wedding use of headband/hats. Might try it out. People may point and laugh…I’ll keep you posted.

  3. L-A permalink*
    May 12, 2009 12:13 am

    Excellent post ladies! I’m torn on the hat/big bow on headband as well. I want to love it and rock it a la Waldorf…but I fear it may be something only for young NYC socialites. The DVF number terrifies me. But I will forgive it as I just got The Deal of the Century at DVF outlet today.

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