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Isn’t that your dress

May 5, 2009

L-A: So I’m flicking through pictures on Women’s Wear Daily, checking out what celebrities, debutantes and their hangers-ons are sporting and I come across these two pics from the Chanel party at the Tribeca Film Festival:


Poppy Delevigne (fyi: a quick search tells me she is a British model/It Girl)


Jen Brill, seen here with Canadian artist Terence Koh (fyi: search tells me she is PR Event type/It Girl/fiancée of photographer Terry Richardson/owner of fab purple YSL shoes).
Um. Are they supposed to be wearing the Exact Same Thing to the same party? Right down to the shoes? I’m no It Girl on the party circuit, but even I know that the last thing you want is to show up at a party and find some other girl there in your dress.  I really hope Chanel planned this moment and paid them well for it, otherwise: EMBARRASSING!

I like to think that this is the moment when Jen Brill (in the background) spotted Poppy Delevigne:


If that were me, I’d be sucking in air between my teeth and thinking, “oh no she didn’t”. (p.s. it’s an adorable dress. If I thought I could wear that colour without looking completely washed out, I’d be coveting it right now).

AllyG: Now, I’m not a celebrity (or I’m being modest. You choose!), but I would think my worst nightmare (as a celebrity of course, because what else do you have to worry about? A hummer limo pulling up instead of the classy, sleek, black number you CLEARLY ASKED FOR!?) would be showing up at an event with the same outfit as another celeb. Worst though? Being in a “Who Wore it Better” contest with a much better-looking star. Let’s judge shall we?

Blake. No contest.

This one is SO HARD. I mean, Ashley Tisale and Mischa Barton? Wow. They are both equally annoying in very diverse ways. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ashley, it’s your lucky day. Only because you didn’t bite it hard in your death scene on a landmark OC episode.

“Noo…sssttssstay…don…don…leav…leave me”.

You also didn’t turn down a chance to be on Gossip Girls because you are apparently above that. I’m looking at YOU, Mischa Barton. On a related note, Michelle Trachtenberg is KILLING it as Georgina. Did you see last night’s ep? The bitch is back?Voila. Killed it.

Lastly, for anyone who knows me…the next, “Who Wore it Better” is particularly difficult for me. It’s my girl Brit-Brit against my other girl “Sienna”.

Britney, the hair was your downfall. Sienna, your taste in men is less than ideal, but your choice in leggings wins me over every time.

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