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The most beautiful time of the year

May 4, 2009

AllyG: So, I got a note from L-A last evening reminding me that she is flying today and won’t be able to update. I’m trying to think of a fun prank to play on her while she is away. Imagine, this WHOLE SPACE to myself. No one to keep me in check. Alas, as it is Monday morning I am all out of naughty hijinx. So, with respect to L-A, I will ignore the temptation to turn this post into a “Where is Dina Lohan? I hope she is getting her daughter a sandwich” diatribe.

Instead, I will talk about the exciting event happening tonight! The Costume Institute Gala 2009 is indeed a go in NYC this evening. Unfortunately, I am unable to make it and L-A is on vacation. So, we’ll have to judge from afar. This year the event is being hosted by Marc Jacobs, Kate Moss and…Justin Timberlake (really??!!). The theme is Model as Muse.EEEEE! It’s so superficial and self-indulgent I absolutely LOVE IT. Rumour has it, all the ensembles have to be cleared through Anna Wintour’s office before they can be featured on the red carpet.I have no trouble believing this. A friend of mine says she often daydreamed as a child that Dolly Parton was her mother. I daydream that Anna Wintour was mine. Kidding! I love my mom! (I love you too, Anna)

Let’s take a gander through past gala outfits, non? This is Anna’s “real life” daughter:

Her name is Bee Shaffer. Great name, I’m torn about the dress. In other news, I am enjoying the Princess Lea buns on Anna’s dress.

Kate Mara with Zac Posen. I’m well aware that I could not fit into this dress in my current 23 weeks pregnant state. This would not stop me from zipping it up halfway and wearing it around my house. I’d even wash the dishes whilst wearing this. It’s true. Ask my husband. I used to wear my wedding dress around our abode on Friday nights before we got married. Don’t worry. He didn’t see me. I was upstairs watching What Not to Wear while he was doing yard work outside. He still married me. 

The thing about this dress is that I hate it. And yes, I am jealous.

Is everyone friends with Karl L. on Twitter? If not you need to be. His tweets include gems such as, “I think I’m going to have a dinner party where no one speaks. I’ll give all my guests pens and pads instead of the usual dinner conversation”. Incredible. “I have no scene. I go everywhere. I adapt.” And lastly, my favorite and hopefully yours’, I hate the word “avant-garde.” It was used, overused, and often used for useless things. So I do not use that word any longer.”

I’ll post tomorrow with some images of the 2009 frocks. Don’t worry, L-A will be back on tomorrow so you won’t have to read my useless dribble.


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