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Cycling while cute

April 30, 2009

L-A: As spring finally gets it’s act together here in Halifax, I’m starting to think about getting my bike tuned up and hitting the streets.  Before getting my bike, I was sort of anti-cycling. Too sporty. Too mountain-bikey. Too much spandex and padded bums. And I’ve never gotten used to wearing an ugly helmet (although, I do wear one…but I grew up pre-mandatory helmets. It’s hard to get past that mindset).


And then I found “Mr. Higgins” and it was love at first site. Higgins is a red and blue vintage J.C. Higgins crusier (circa 1963, although we can’t be sure) that I purchased for $200 from Ideal Bikes in Halifax. It’s a pretty sweet ride if you avoid the hills. No gears on this sucker and it has back pedel brakes. The point of this bike is to look good as you get from point A to point B.  Which brigns me to my point: how does one look stylish while cycling about town?  Well, you have a few options. There is the North-EndHipster look that was seen in Andrea Dorfman’s film Parsley Days:


Adorable when styled right, but in real life tends to look a bit too grungey and ill-fitting Value Village-ish (nothing wrong with Value Village per se – just make sure the clothing fits you).  It’s also not a look that works for me.  I prefer a more classic, garden-party sort of look when biking, a la Blair Waldorf:


Cute bike, cute dress, cute cute cute. Add some pretty ballet flats to that outfit and you’re set.  Waldorf and I are not the only ones into looking cute on our bikes. Club Monaco is getting into the act and selling a classy looking special edition Gazelle bike for $995:


Sign me up.  That is my kind of cycling outfit.  In fact, add a basket and (*sigh*…) a helmet and this is pretty much the look I intend to rock as I pedal my way around the city this summer. Except not on a bike that costs a grand (although, if you’ve got that kind of cash, it’s probably worth it. Toronto Bike Chic claims that the Gazelle is as comfy a ride as it is stylish).

(p.s. Halifax ladies: free bike repair workshops for women/woman-identified @ the Bloomfield Centre on Tuesday evenings!)

Your thoughts?

AllyG: Do you know why I love this blog? Well, there are many reasons, but mostly because it makes me feel smart. Prime example. As soon as you asked what you should wear when biking my mind went to People Magazine Spring 2007 (I could be off on this but I’m feeling intelligent so let me run with it) and an image of Kate Hudson on her bike.

Casual, summery, cute. Note the gladiator sandals, I certainly did. Safer than flip flops, hipper than sneakers. Next outfit please:

She’s so dang cool. Seriously.

And lastly, Leo and his girlfriend Bar are often seen cycling around NYC. Here she is modeling her biking attire (I believe a basket with flowers is a must for all ladies-who-bike):

I feel so good about myself right now. This won’t last so I plan to enjoy it.

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  1. April 30, 2009 11:00 pm

    This is an adorable blog! I love it. I’m beggin you thou, when posting links (I love links) have them open in another window.
    Just sayin.

  2. L-A permalink*
    May 1, 2009 12:13 am

    That’s actually a good idea. We’ll definitely start doing that with links. Thanks!

  3. May 15, 2009 3:40 pm

    Can’t wait to see pictures of your spring/summer cycle chic. if you have pictures and would like to send them with a description of your style we’d love to post it!

    i love the east coast.. i would love to cruise down the cabot trail in skirts and tank tops or denim white shirts and heels watching the spandex junkies fly by… Kael would probably drop a wine bottle to slow them down..

    thanks for stopping by the blog..

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