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April 23, 2009

L-A: I’m headed on a trip to California in two weeks. Everytime I fly, I struggle with the question of what to wear. I need to be comfortable, but I don’t want to look like a complete slob.  And when you’re flying from one coast to the other, this is a tall order.  So I decided to see how celebrities travel:


Dita von Teese in Rachel Pally. Looks fancy, but since it’s jersey, it’s probably crazy comfortable and unlikely to wrinkle. Although, those shoes look like a bitch to have to take on and off at security. I’m more of a fan of Cameron Diaz’s choice in footwear for flying:

cameron diaz heathrow 290309

Cute shoes, but I’d look like a  bag lady if I tried to wear a blanket around my neck and hung my purse like that. And my hips/thighs have thus far prevented me from fitting into a pair of skinny jeans. What I’d really love is to find some comfortable, yet stylish and unlikely to wrinkle pants and pair them with something in cashmere. Maybe this sweater by Crumpet:


Alas! Cashmere is not in my budget right now. What will most likely happen is that I’ll wear my lulus, flats, a clean sweater and hope that I’m not completely covered in cat fur (*sigh* hate the fur, but like my cats too much to get rid of them). I’ll probably look like a taller, frumpier version of Gabrielle Union’s travel outfit:


I am open to any and all suggestions on what is the best travel outfit (for insanely long flights).

AllyG: When hubby and I flew to New York, Jackie from that 70’s show was on our flight. Mila Kunis I believe. She is ridiculously beautiful, and tiny, tiny, tiny in person. She was wearing a full on sweat suit. Like, I’m talking suit you sweat in. Not pretty yoga attire. She still looked good. There is no point to this story beyond sometimes it sucks to be a civilian and not being able to pull off the “Ohio State” elastic ankle sweat pants I own for a long ass flight. Cameron knows how to fly. Seriously. Every photo I’ve seen of her coming through LAX (and I’ve seen a lot, trust me) she looks so put together. Jessica Simpson is also on 90 per cent of the time. Except when she wore the cowboy hat. Bad, bad day for J-Simps

I think this was Phase One of Jessica selling us her country image. Fail.

Rachel Bilson does the best airport. The best. See below.

I mean, we DID just learn how to tie scarves so you are totally set there. Throw on some shades to hide the puff eye (if you are anything like me when you are flying) and ensure your hubby wears a cute chapeau and hoodie!

Example B:

This is so simple. So chic. Jeans. Blazer. Comfy yet socially acceptable boots and stylish purse. Done and done.

Aren’t you glad you asked me?

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Lauren permalink
    April 23, 2009 3:16 pm

    I like Vicky Beckham’s travel attire: INTERNATIONAL SPY!

  2. allygarbs permalink*
    April 23, 2009 4:21 pm

    Oooh L-A you should totally wear Vicky Beckham’s travel outfit!!

  3. L-A permalink*
    April 24, 2009 1:58 pm

    I think I will totally rip off her look. Either that one or the one where she looks like she is planning to invade France after lunch:

    Because really, how can I fly into LAX without wearing something fabulous. I will bring shame to our blog if I do!

  4. Eden permalink
    April 24, 2009 2:44 pm

    Travelling with a baby is a whole NEW challenge in trying to look put-together. Generally as long as I don’t have banana smushed in my hair I feel like I’m doing pretty well.

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