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“Words form the thread on which we string our experiences

April 22, 2009

AllyG: I received a “hot tip” from a very fashionable and sassy reader. My girl Jo pointed me towards Thread Social’s Fall 2009 line and I adore everything (we will get catty about a fashion line soon, I promise. In fact, I hear Heidi Montag is coming out with more wear for “ladies of the evening”).

The designers have a formidable background, their bio says that, “Prior to launching Thread, Blake worked for Chanel and American Vogue, while Akey was at Barneys New York and Stila Cosmetics”. Works for me. Together, they have come up with clothes that are simple, easy to wear and that are above all else, impactful. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Bubble skirts are ridiculous. Especially geometric bubble skirts. As a refresher, ridiculous is good. Ridiculous is awesome. Bad news is I hate mustard yellow. Reminds me of mustard on a white shirt. To me she just squirted mustard all over an otherwise lovely ruffled shirt.


I love this dress so much I can’t even breathe. It is so mod squad meets early 90’s. Imagine this dress with COLOURED TIGHTS. I know, right?

And, ok, I know that Summer 2009 is sooooo overah, but I had to peek at what Thread Social had delivered. Let me be frank.  I love it so much that I would put it in a stroller and walk it around town.


L-A: I’ll be honest, I do not love the Summer ’09 from Thread Social, but I do love just about everything else they do.  I even like their use of mustard yellow, which is a colour that really doesn’t do me any favours.  But overall, it’s an adorable collection.  If I were a stylist, I would want to put some of these dresses on Becki Newton, who plays Amanda on Ugly Betty:


Seriously. Can’t you just see her rocking some of those dresses?

And, because it is Earth Day, I’ve got to point out their ReThread collection:


The designers use excess fabric to make dresses or skirts in their “most popular silhouettes”.  Kudos to them for being environmentally friendly.  ReThread collection is not only friendly to the envrionment, but to your wallet as well: nothing in that collection retails for more than $225. That particular skirt goes for $95, which is totally affordable (and adorable).  Overall: Love Thread Social.

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