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What not to wear: Pop Tarts Channeling Courtney Love

April 21, 2009

L-A: Courntey Love is has what one might call a “unique” sense of style.  Some might think call that style trashy, others might call it rocker/heroin chic.


L-A: Whatever you call it, it should not be found on a 15 year old girl (who probably has a stylist on speed dial):


L-A: WTF, Taylor Momson? According to the Fug Girls, this has been a trend for you. Oh Little J. You used to be so adorable! You used to look like you combed your hair!


And looking a bit like a bad mix of Courtney Love (albeit less trashy & more modest) and Janis Joplin is Mary Kate Olsen:


AllyG: OMG I AM SO GLAD WE ARE TALKING ABOUT LITTLE J! First off, what is going ON with GGs lately (also, remember when “GG” stood for Golden Girls? Was that just me? If so, ignore)? Gossip Girl is ALL OVER LE PLACE. Like, what happened to the Chuck and Vanessa affair? And WTF Serena is married? Also, Serena’s style needs to take a nap, a long one.

Anyhoo, YES, Taylor Momsen. Her style kills me. I’m particularly pleased you ensured she was in a post with MKO, who I believe she is trying to emulate. I’ll give them this, LA, at least they can pull it off with the face. You know? Like, they aren’t appearing all sunshine and rainbows in the face with the heroinish outfits. Prime example of a huge poser is Shenae Grimes. Don’t know her, sure she’s lovely (although there was a story in some tabloid (note: I love tabloids, you should too) that claims she’s the “new Shannon Doherty on set” which only makes me love her more). Let’s take a look shall we? Compare if we dare, hmm?


A great blog had a post about the return of grunge featuring “the ripped tights”. See how Courtney plays it…notice the face. It’s on. Pass.


Like. I don’t even know.


See? I mean at least Taylor pulls it off. “Miley” and Shenae? @$##%$$%^$(^* (*&*)( &^R$%^$^%$^%$^&% UGH. No wonder Courtney is so infuriated lately.

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  1. jolemore permalink
    April 21, 2009 7:21 pm

    you had me at “trompe l’oeil”.
    wonderfully adjectival and sardonic- just like me.
    keep it up AllyG and L-A!

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