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When good fashion goes wrong

April 20, 2009

L-A: As you may recall, we recently discussed the merits of this summer’s hot fashion item: the maxi dress.  While agreed it could be great for pregnant ladies during the summer months, I expressed my reservations. After seeing pictures of a party that Dita von Teese threw for designer Rachel Pally, I have evidence as to why the maxi dress should be worn with caution.

Exhibit A:


L-A: Ignoring the non-maxi dress wearing ladies in the photo (particularly Kristen Bell, middle, is fugging it up in her Rachel Pally outfit – despite the fact that she is an adorable actress whom I adore), let’s focus on party goer in purple. Look at her feet. Oh wait, you can’t because there is at least two inches too much dress.

Exhibit B:


L-A: Here is Rachel Pally in her own design with Jewel (also in Rachel Pally). Looking down at where their feet should be, we again see that there is a few too many inches of fabric. Technically (according to the photo on, Jewel’s dress should grant us a view of the feet:


L-A: These dresses look like they could be lovely and seriously comfortable. And they are not prohibitively expensive either (less than $250). But if these women, who I assume have access to tailors and professional stylists, can’t manage to wear these dresses without looking like they are swimming in jersey fabric, then what hope do the rest of us have?

p.s. While the maxi dress wearers were hiding their feet, I think Dita von Teese was able to spend the day feeling smug that she looked better than everyone else. Even the woman who designs the clothes.


Well played, Dita. You look like a 1940s movie star. Which is probably what you were going for.

AllyG: On an aside, please note how Dita VT does “casual” at Coachella.


Note to self: Remember to point toe a la Dita next time you sip cocktails at a garden party. Elegant. Fierce.


SHE IS JUST TOO MUCH. How can you not love her? How can you turn away from The Dita? I also happen to know that Dita is an avid avoider of all things sun related because Dita, and I quote, “never wants to look down at brown-wrinkly cleavage”.

Sorry, back to the task at hand. The ill-fitting maxi dress. LA, I totally agree with you. This is an affront to maxi dresses everywhere. THIS is why the adorable dresses get such a bad name. The worst case of maxi-dress-wearing comes to us from the blog Investigating Crimes of Fashion featuring Ashley Tisdale:


You can see her feet, but with those shoes…frankly, I’d rather not. This post only further convinces me that my task in life is to avenge the maxi-dress.

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