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Trompe l’oeil “accessories”

April 17, 2009

L-A: Taking a page from the fashion book of my ever stylish friend, J.Lau (not to be confused with J.Lo), I present the trompe l’oeil accessory:


Screenprinting trompe l’oeil onto tshirts is nothing new. You’ve all seen the cheesy “tuxedo” t-shirts. Well, this is the same, only awesomer.  This “necklace” on a dress from Pretty Raccoon is pretty (shirts with this print are available at Love, Me) and a way to wear pearls with your tees.  Or how about the following t-shirt from See by Chloé:

seebychloe2You can rock the “neckerchief”, without acutally having to learn how to tie said neckerchief. Fun, n’est pas?

Ally G: I did this. I would actually really like to see the first t-shirt have the “necklace” pop with colour. I’m thinking coral. I should go on Project Runway! I also enjoy that I can wear “neckerchiefs” without having to tie the neckerchief. Although, I did enjoy learning how to tie my scarf. I walked the halls of my office like a runway with a few different styles the other day after my google search.

L-A: You should totally go on Project Runway! (can you sew? that seems to be a pre-requisite). You’re right on the coral. That would look awesome on that black dress. I think the neckerchief look would be good for summer, when you probably don’t want to wear a scarf.  I also enjoy that it can give you a jaunty nautical look for summertime. Like you’re about to hop on your boat and go for a quick sail around the Arm (do people sail around the Arm? I feel like they might…but I’m no sailor). Or perhaps advertise your knowledge of knot tying with this Stella McCartney number from Net-a-Porter:

37162_in_lHowever, despite the Sartorialist’s amusement with the following t-shirt back in 2007, I do question it:


It’s funny to see on a stranger on the street, but if the husband took to wearing it, I’d grow tired of seeing fake baby after about ten minutes. So you can go too far with the trompe l’oeil.

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