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WTF?: Barbie’s shoes

April 10, 2009

L-A: There was a flyer in my mailbox yesterday for Town Shoes. To be honest, I rarely go to the mall (I prefer to shop downtown), so I didn’t even know we had a Town Shoes.  Since it was a flyer selling shoes, I had to check it out and did a double take when I saw the following:


I don’t completely hate these shoes, but I am a little baffled by the marketing of Barbie wear to grown women.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Barbie when I was little and I loved Barbie’s shoes. I have fond memories of hours spent dressing Barbie. But I’m quite okay with keeping this as a fond memory. I don’t need to play grown-up Barbie doll.

(Having said all that, I am intrigued by Town Shoes’ shoe parties. Like Tupperware, but with shoes! I may need to host one of these parties).

AllyG: Oooh! I know the answer to this riddle! The reason why Town Shoes is promoting Barbie Shoes to adults is the direct result of a massive Barbie’s 50th Anniversary Marketing blitz. You can see a clip of the Barbie Fashion show here…

I adore the Barbie shoes, however I am what Lainey‘s mom would call, “low classy”. I love, love, love the leopard print pair you’ve highlighted below. Although they might be the equivalent of wearing a flashing “COUGAR HERE” sign around your neck. Nevertheless, I am contemplating going to Town Shoes tomorrow to purchase them. Judge me. That’s fine. On another note, did you know that at age eight I won $1000 worth of Barbie merchandise from a Cheerios box? True story. My brothers are still upset because they claim that they found the winning ticket that allowed you to choose between hot wheels and Barbie stuff. Clearly, my parents loved me best. Kidding! (not really!)

(note: I now see that there is a 50th Anniversary banner on the side of the Town Shoe ads. Whatever, the video still needs to be watched)

L-A: Minus the “Cougar” sign, I can totally see you rocking those zebra shoes.

I’m still unsure of this Barbie for grown ups thing (although my eight year old self is totally jealous of your $1000 in Barbie merch). The first three minutes of that video was a bit surreal. I couldn’t figure out if it was social commentary or Barbie propaganda. The use of Hole’s Doll Parts made it hard to distinguish between the two. I feel like whoever produced that show is confused as well, since they also feature Le Tigre’s Hot Topic as sometimes drag queeny models (complete with Dame Edna-esque glasses) marched down the runway.

Having said that, if I weren’t conflicted on the Barbie-ness of it all, I’d be all over some of the dresses in that show.

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  1. November 20, 2009 6:29 pm

    I have horrible ugly feet but love those shoes.


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