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The perfect summer dress

April 9, 2009

I was iffy on maxi dresses at first, but I’m all over them now. They are absolutely going to be my summer staple (they are non-maternity, maternity wear!).

My favorite maxi dresses are from Alice + Olivia. I’ve pulled two of my ABSOLUTE faves from net-a-porter site (on an aside, my favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings is to sit with a coffee and peruse that site).


These dresses are really simple, really elegant. I’m not the hugest fan of pairing high heels with maxi dresses though. I think wedges or LA’s favorite “kitten heels” are much more suitable. A nice pair of flip flops are perfect however (and I don’t mean the standard flip flops, but “dressy” flip flops” although according to a certain article I SHOULD NOT BE WEARING FLIP FLOPS AFTER 30. VEIL DOWN!)

I’ve struggled to find the ideal maxi dress in Halifax. I have checked out Winners and picked up one cute deep purple dress, but other than that, no luck. LA, do you have any ideas on where I can purchase my summer staples? There’s a really good fashion blog post about how to best work your maxi dress in Spring/Summer ’09.  Also, NO ONE does the maxi dress like Nicole Richie. No one (hear that, Lauren Conrad?)!


L-A: I’m glad I’m not the only one who browses net-a-porter over a coffee. For me, the jury is out on the maxi dress (although I really like the looks of that first Alice + Olivia dress).

I can see the merits of this dress for summertime maternity/post-baby wear. While shopping with my girl J.Lau. recently, she commented that she’s pretty tall, but would have trouble finding a maxi dress that would work on her.  I think it might stumpify anyone under 5’6″.  (I admit, I have yet to try one of these dresses on. I fear they would do nothing good for me). I also think that unless you’re 6″ tall, you’ve got to be committed to having a tailor hem those suckers.  As for shoes, I’m down with the pretty sandal or wedge. Maybe a kitten  heel, if it was open toed.

But as for where to buy one? That’s where I’m stumped. I’m fairly uninspired by the summer wear I’ve seen at larger chain stores.  I need to hit up the downtown shops and see what’s what for the sunnier months.

(also: does Nicole Ritchie own any other kind of dress?)


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