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First Lady Fashion Off

April 8, 2009

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most stylish first lady of them all?

Round One: Obama versus Harper


L-A: I’m not going to bring up the outfits of Chikako Aso (wife of Japanese PM Taro Aso) or Gursharan Kaur (wife of Indian PM Manmohan Singh). Aso is in age appropriate grey suit, although maybe could lose the double breast/shoulder pad look. Kaur is rocking the sari.  But Laureen Harper? (Blonde in the oversized, far too long coat over pants with the odd neck tie). What is she wearing? Words fail me. I almost don’t want to admit that she is the Canadian “first lady.” Winner? Obama. Love the colours, love the shoes, love the Jason Wu dress, almost love the Junya Watanabe cardigan.

AllyG: I cannot judge this properly until la Harper takes off her raincoat. Seriously…take off your raincoat…immediately.

Round 2: Obama vs. Brown


L-A: Some say Obama’s sweater is garish, but I mostly like it.  Even if  it looks like it had a run in with a pair of scissors.  As for Sarah Brown, well, the colour is nice. The Mail Online says she’s dressed “appropriately British” in Graeme Black, but that’s the nicest thing they can manage. Clings all wrong, tights make her look stumpy. If you saw the back of this outfit (it’s not really a jacket! it ties up in the back), you might die of embarrassment for her.  I cannot approve the shoe choice. Unless you’re trying to make a statement (like, candy coloured tights), don’t do the open toe shoe with tights or panty hose. Bare legs or go closed toe. Winner: Do I really need to say it? Obama.

AllyG: Really? I love open toe shoes with tights. They must be bright tights although the article we read yesterday said no bright tights after 30. Why don’t I just GIVE UP THEN? Are you really all over the cardigan? I kind of hate it. It reminds me of a five year old’s get-up at an Easter church service. I love Downtown Sarah Brown’s hair. Fabulous Flippage. The outfit is um, well, a tad too small for her. Not flattering. Looks like she enjoyed a large pasta dinner immediately before the photo. Which I am totally in favour of, btw, but one must choose an approprite pasta dining outfit. I am making no sense. I need coffee. NEXT.

L-A: ooh, I am all over the bright tights with open toed shoes. But the black tights/panty hose with open toed shoes? No, never ever.  As for the cardigan, it seems very “Ladies Who Lunch” and totally appropriate for the lunch event. My opinion may be skewed by the horrible outfits she is surrounded by. But the fact that it looks like it was altered by her youngest daughter is a total fail. Sarah Brown does have lovely hair.

Round 3: Obama versus Bruni-Sarkozy


With coats on. (L-A: they are giving one another painfully polite smiles. The kind you give someone when you are really thinking, “bitch”. After rounds one and two, you can see that neither is used to having to stand next to someone who is equally well dressed).


The coats come off, revealing Obama in Thakoon and Bruni-Sarkozy in Dior.

L-A: I’m stumped. I prefer the Dior dress, but only because that’s the dress I’d buy if I could afford Dior and looked good in grey.  Same for the coat.  But Obama brings it in that Thakoon dress. If it weren’t for her stumpy kitten heels, I’d almost go so far as to say that she knocks it out of the park. Obama could learn a lesson from Bruni-Sarkozy: if you don’t want to look taller than your husband, wear flats, not kitten heels. I can only assume that’s why neither lady is playing up the legs that god gave them.

AllyG: CARLA CARLA CARLA. Hands down. Particularly because she gives better itch (typo but it’s staying) face in the first photo. Her hair is impossibly gorgeous. On an aside, should I get red highlights? Being the same height as my hubby, I feel I am in an appropriate position to advise these two ladies: GET OVER IT. Wear heels! Save the kitten heels for when you’re hungover and the balance thing isn’t quite working out.  As for Michelle, I do think she always looks fab in Thakoon, but you just can’t compete with Dior. Ever. Like, never. …I just scrolled up and reviewed the coat Carla is wearing. Realize I hate it. She still gets the tiara for the upside down smile.

L-A: Yeah, the coat loses appeal on second glance. But she is otherwise looking awesome and making a great face.  I agree on the Dior. Dior always wins.  Also, I too am the same height as the husband: wear the heels ladies! If Tom Cruise could be seen next to Nicole Kidman for all those years, then your husband can get over the extra inch or three on you.

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  1. April 8, 2009 2:49 pm

    Wow. I love this blog.

    Holy crap she’s tall! I never noticed it before now.

  2. Krista permalink
    April 8, 2009 3:31 pm

    Carla Bruni is European and therefore trumps everyone, regardless of the incredible Dior dress. I’m very disappointed in Laureen. Normally, she pulls together some nice looks (well, nice for Canada), but she just looks like an aging elementary school teacher here. FAIL.

    • L-A permalink*
      April 8, 2009 3:36 pm

      I agree on both counts. Carla’s Europeaness means she will win every time. Even if she wore workout clothes (which, I doubt she would) in publish, she would out-style us all.

      As for Laureen, I usually don’t notice her, which means she usually isn’t committing any major fashion sins. But this is cause for a call to the Fashion Police. Or What Not to Wear.


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