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Fashion After 30: Bright Tights

April 8, 2009

L-A: This is where we admit our age. We are both over 30 and both completely okay about this. In fact, I was excited about turning 30.  But with 30+ there seems to come new rules about how one should dress in order be appropriate. One such list of rules was found in a review of the book “How Not to Look Old” on the blog  The blogger and author agree that neon tights are a no-no after 30. 


L-A: But I beg to differ on this rule. I LOVE bright coloured tights. The trick is: What are you wearing them with? And where are you going? Black dress to a fun party? Yes! With denim skirt to lunch? Go for it! With your power suit to a business meeting? Maybe not. The time will come when they are no longer age appropriate, but like most fashion, it is all about context. And maybe a bit of chutzpah. Wear the tights. Own them.

Ally G: Bright tights are one of the reasons I hit up American Apparel on a semi-regular basis. I live for them with my black dresses. When did 30 become old? I can maybe understand not wearing NEON tights, but a two year old shouldn’t wear neon tights. That’s abuse! (See? I AM going to be a good mother!) Bright tights are also the exception for open toe shoes in the winter (see First Lady Fashion Off post), they are ridiculous with open toe shoes. Ridic. Ridic = good. This rule reminds me of the Sex and the City episode when Samantha gets the face peel and has to wear a hat with a veil to Carrie’s book launch. When Samatha pulls up the veil, Carrie says in horror, “Veil down I think!”. Well, it’s veil down for all of us if these rules apply. I’ll just be “veil downing” my old arse all over Halifax if I have to give up my bright tights. I have no idea why I used this story as a analogy for my point, but I’m too tired to press delete and start over (pregnant ladies aren’t lying like I thought they were, they seriously ARE tired. I need a nappa or a cappa). Like seriously, according to this article after 30 just pull on a snowsuit and call it a day. No one wants to see you. Veil down, ladies, VEIL DOWN.

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  1. Krista permalink
    April 9, 2009 1:51 pm

    I’m older than both of you and wear coloured tights, but in colours like wine and “burnt violet.” Using shoes to define an outfit, and adding coloured tights to make it more interesting without being “scary” to the businessmen (and they’re all men) I deal with on a regular basis.

    All that to say, more vibrant colours might be fun for evening/non-work activities, but I will always avoid neon. Neon falls under a personal fashion recycling rule: if I wore it the first time, I can’t wear it this time.

  2. Sarah Moses permalink
    April 14, 2009 3:08 pm

    I wore bright raspberry tights while over thirty and pregnant. I also rocked a pair of leopard print tights with slick little (big) black pregnancy dresses. I thought I looked hott. And frankly, I was pregnant, and who was going to argue?

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